Chapter 9 Warmth

Seeing Qiao Yangbai’s confused expression, Aming said casually: “When I first entered the Royal Merchant Gang, I couldn’t believe that the boss could support so much, but it was indeed true.”

“So much. Work, the Shang’s consortium alone is enough for him? With the addition of the Yushang Gang, isn’t it necessary to be busy…”

Guangyou Tanshou: “So the boss usually only sleeps three or four hours a day , I don’t even eat supper and work hard. Everyone knows that going on like this will definitely be exhausted, but the boss just doesn’t listen to any persuasion.”

Qiao Yangbai cautiously mentioned: “Actually, I also said it once, but he rejected it.

I’m back.” “Miss Bridge, don’t worry, everyone is the same.” Runshi had already drunk the cherry blossom tea in front of him, and raised his hand like a pupil, “Miss Bridge, can you give me another cup? !”

Guangyou, who could not stand beside him, slammed into Runshi’s elbow: “Hey, you can give me enough.”

“It’s okay.” Qiao Yangbai stood up, but suddenly fell as if unable to support it. Go down.

“Miss Bridge!” The responsive Runshi rushed to Qiao Yangbai and caught her before she fell to the ground.

Guangyou, who was sitting aside, also walked over anxiously, and leaned down and asked with concern: “Miss Bridge, are you okay?”

Qiao Yangbai was a little frightened because he fell because his right leg suddenly didn’t use his strength. He caressed his heart, and stood up with the support of Runshi: “It’s okay, it’s just that the fractured place occasionally loses strength.”

Guangyou kicked Runshi unceremoniously: “Hey, I said you are a stupid stone. If you want tea, do it yourself! You almost made Miss Qiao fall down, don’t you know!?”

Runshi was taught by Guangyou and looked at Qiao Yangbai in tears and pitifully, the latter smiled embarrassedly: “It’s not Runshi. Mr.’s fault.”

Aming looked at his watch and suddenly said, “Runshi, Guangyou, we have been staying for too long, it’s time to go.”

The three of them have stayed here for nearly twenty minutes. Qiao Yangbai knew that they were not busy, the underworld had a lot of affairs, and they had brought so many ingredients, so he insisted on sending them out the door.

Runshi, who had already left the door, turned around and scratched his head embarrassedly: “Miss Bridge, I’m really sorry today.”

Qiao Yang said with a white smile: “It’s really okay. But next time my legs will be better. Let’s make tea for you.”

Runshi showed a big smile, filled with childlike innocence and excitement, he happily exclaimed: “Really? That promised!”

“You fellow, excited again What the hell is this! Don’t bother Miss Qiao anymore, hurry up!” Guangyou twisted Runshi’s ears ferociously, and dragged him and Ahming away from the fourth floor with Qiao Yangbai’s smiling eyes.

On the night when Runshi and the others delivered the ingredients, Qiao Yangbai remembered what he had said to Shang Ruimo, “I will prove it to you…” and Guangyou’s phrase “I don’t eat late night snacks in old Dalian and work hard.” I immediately realized what I could do.

She had already planned to rest, and she immediately got out of bed and lit the kitchen lamp.

When I was young, my mother made very delicious desserts, and even the pastry chefs in famous dessert shops were not as good as their mothers. Every time his mother was making desserts, Qiao Yangbai watched seriously with wide eyes. The first pastry made at the age of eleven was praised by his mother, “It’s really delicious. I didn’t expect that Yang Bai’s craftsmanship is so good, and he will catch up with me in a few years” and brought to school It was given to classmates and teachers. They all said, “It’s really delicious”, “I haven’t eaten such a delicious dim sum”, “Yangbai’s craftsmanship is amazing” and so on.

After joining the Yongyao Gang, Huo Dongchen is more enthusiastic about the desserts made by Qiao Yangbai himself than the expensive delicacies of mountains and seas. Sometimes she has to work all night, and she will ask her to prepare a supper first.

Qiao Yangbai looked around. This kitchen was not only well-equipped, but also had a lot of ingredients. This made her guilty of not knowing what to do for Shang Ruimo.

“Looking at his cold face, he probably wouldn’t like to eat food with a lot of sugar? Then I will make some sweet snacks and drinks.” Qiao Yangbai recalled Shang Ruimo’s handsome ice face. While bringing the required ingredients onto the countertop, I roughly determined a few things to do.

The orange light in the kitchen is very soft, and it shines warmly on her. From mixing noodles to baking, Qiao Yangbai was busy for about two hours. When the oven was set, she began to prepare drinks. Until everything was done, she was almost exhausted when she was weak.

The four desserts and drinks placed in the tray are all very beautiful, with bursts of attractive aromas, which really teaches people that they can’t help but move their index fingers.

Qiao Yangbai’s slender fingers counted one by one: “Roasted fruit with cross pastry pie, Moroccan-style peony cake, yum cheese pudding and a cup of Darjeeling black tea. Well, it’s all set.”

It’s hard to imagine Shang Ruimo not knowing. drool.

Placing the tableware neatly on it, Qiao Yangbai went out with the tray. Because her legs and feet were still a little awkward, she chose to take the elevator to the third floor.

When he came to the door of Shang Ruimo’s study, Qiao Yangbai was suddenly a little worried whether he would be disgusted by thinking that he was doing so.

But she has something to prove. Besides, the food has already been made. It would be a shame to waste it?

Qiao Yangbai plucked up his courage and knocked on the door.

Still the unchanging indifferent tone came from the room: “Come in.”

Qiao Yangbai cautiously opened the door, and Shang Ruimo, who was immersed in work, thought it was a young man who had urgent affairs, and asked without raising his head: ” Is there a problem with the shipment that just entered the port?”

“Um… I’m sorry to interrupt your work, it’s me.”

Obviously, it was unexpected that the arrival was Qiao Yangbai, and Shang Ruimo raised his head in surprise.

Just as Qiao Yangbai thought comfortedly, “Oh, this guy is a little bit more expression at last”, Shang Ruimo returned to his former indifference: “What are you doing?”

Shang Ruimo obviously ignored the tray in Qiao Yangbai’s hand and the dessert in the tray.

“Last time I said that I would show you that I would share a little bit for you.”

Shang Ruimo coldly snorted, “This kind of boring thing.”

“I heard people say that you always work all night and then again. I didn’t order to prepare supper, so I made some of it myself, if I can, please try it.”

Qiao Yangbai said here, Shang Ruimo only noticed what she was holding.

“If I want to eat, I will order the following to do it. Don’t think that I will assign you a suite for you to do these things.” Shang Ruimo looked at the documents in his hand, and seemed to not appreciate it at all.

“In any case, please eat some…” Facing Shang Ruimo who had a bad temper, Qiao Yangbai’s words almost disappeared.

Shang Ruimo read the documents in his hand and seemed to have signed the words before

saying: “Just put it on the coffee table.” The neglected Qiao Yangbai put down the tray, and then said lightly: “I want to watch you eat. Going down, I won’t be able to prove it without seeing it with my own eyes.”

Because of Qiao Yangbai’s stubbornness, Shang Ruimo frowned his elegant eyebrows.

Qiao Yangbai was not in a hurry. He sat on the soft sofa and assumed a posture of “If you don’t eat, I won’t go.”

Shang Ruimo signed a few more documents, and then compared the two forms several times. It took about half an hour before he got up and walked to the sofa next to the coffee table and sat down.

Seeing that the food on the tray was exquisite and beautiful, as if it were made by a professional pastry chef, he couldn’t help but sarcastically said: “Which dessert shop did you order these things?”

“Qiaoyangbai dessert shop.” Qiaoyangbai answered calmly. He said, and then handed the fork to him, “These are baked fruit and cross pastry pie, Moroccan-style peony cake, yum cheese pudding, and a cup of Darjeeling black tea.”

Originally thought that this was probably an ordinary snack, but after taking the first bite, Shang Ruimo’s thoughts changed completely.

Because he is very rich, the chefs and pastry chefs invited in the mansion are excellent. Shang Ruimo had eaten a variety of delicacies, but only felt that the desserts made by Qiao Yangbai were unusual. Delicious is one of them, but he still tasted something he had never tasted before.

That’s probably the so-called “warm feeling”.

Shang Ruimo, who thought this way, had a softer expression.

Qiao Yangbai guessed that he liked it quite a bit.

During this period, Shang Ruimo didn’t say a word, but the empty plates and tea cups proved that he was really satisfied with the supper. This made the “pastry chef” Qiao Yangbai laughed happily.

“It tastes very good.” After Shang Ruimo’s honest evaluation, he rubbed his forehead and said, “I’m going to continue working, you can go back.”

Although the tone is blunt, the meaning can be heard as Qiao Yangbai. Go back early to rest.

“I will do the supper from now on.”

Shang Ruimo didn’t answer, but in Qiao Yangbai’s eyes, it was no different from saying “okay” to him.

Qiao Yangbai stood up and walked to the door. During rehabilitation, she insisted on not using crutches, so she walked like a lame, a little staggered. When I walked to the door, my right leg began to lose strength again with some pain. She hurriedly grabbed the door frame in embarrassment to avoid falling.

All this was printed in Shang Ruimo’s eyes, who was watching her silently from behind. A firm expression of Qiao Yangbai saying, “I will prove it to you…” appeared in his mind, and his heart was filled with feelings for some reason for a while.

“Persuade others to pay attention to rest, isn’t it the same for yourself?”

Qiao Yangbai looked back in surprise.

Shang Ruimo still had that invisible expression.

Realizing this was Shang Ruimo’s clumsy expression, Qiao Yangbai immediately smiled and said, “Thank you for your concern, I will definitely recover from illness…” After that, he closed the door gently.

The hour hand pointed to one o’clock in the morning, and after the slight sound of the door closing, this large mansion filled with unnoticeable warmth was silent.

Tenth words _ beginning

Secretary formulaic tone, said:. “President, the next scheduled trip have all been canceled in accordance with your instructions”

? “Really”

secretary said: “The owner of the Angel Hotel has specially reserved the best view for you. This golden suite has a wide view and occupies the entire top floor. Anyone will bother you.”

“I see, you go to work.” Shang Ruimo folded his slender legs and turned to Runshi, “Go back now and take Qiao Yangbai to the Angel Hotel and say I want Take her out. I’ll go over when the work here is over. People from Yongyao are still looking for her, don’t be too conspicuous.”

Runshi, who found that the boss is paying more and more attention to Miss Bridge, touched himself with a smile. His short hair: “Boss, Miss Qiao will be very happy to know about it.”

To Runshi’s stupidity, Shang Ruimo unceremoniously threw out a sentence: “Long words.”

“Miss Qiao is very good, and she knows how to make snacks. You know how to make tea again. Boss, you are really blessed.” Without seeing Shang Ruimo’s face gradually turning black, Runshi was still talking to herself happily, “The most important thing is that Miss Bridge is really beautiful. Boss, Guangyou said the same !”

Shang Ruimo squeezed out a few words from his teeth: “She makes snacks for the little brothers?” Runshi nodded vigorously like garlic: “Well, boss, but Miss Bridge said I can’t leave the Central House. So every time I make a lot of dim sum and tea for me to bring back to the West House for everyone to eat. It’s super delicious! Boss, have you eaten it too?”

Shang Ruimo’s eyes narrowed dangerously: “Really, it seems that you like it very much.”

Runshi scratched his head: “I like it very much, haha…”

“For the reason you like it so much.” Tomorrow, I will take the gardener’s vacation and reward you for trimming the lawn for a week.”

Run Shi realized that the boss’s tone was wrong, and his eyes widened: “Boss…”

“What? Are you dissatisfied?”

Run Shi didn’t know where he had offended the boss, so he could only say with tears: “No, boss, the younger is very satisfied…”

“Then go and get things done.”

“Yes…” he thought, “Although the boss and Miss Bridge is a couple, but it’s better for Miss Bridge.” Runshi pouted and left the president’s office dejectedly.

Qiao Yangbai, who was watering the flowers, turned back in surprise when he heard Xiao Tao’s words: “What? Mr. Shang is taking me out?”

“Yes, Mr. Runshi just came to inform.” Xiao Tao looked at the watch on the wall, “Yang Yang. Sister Bai, we are going to hurry up, time is too late.”


“You must dress up well when you go out with the host! Come and see.” Xiaotao opened the huge wardrobe, and hundreds of new clothes appeared. In front of Qiao Yangbai.

“This… how come there are so many clothes?”

“You had them when you moved in. You haven’t opened them.” Xiaotao muttered, “Well… I’ll take a look. What is the best thing to wear for a date at night? What?”

“A date… of course !?” “Of course.” Xiaotao looked at one by one, picking out a few pieces on the table next to him from time to time, “Which one do you like?”

These clothes are The brand new, and never taken off, seem to be all limited international brands. It was more luxurious and expensive than the room of clothes Huo Dongchen gave her back then.

Choosing a soft and elegant lace dress, Qiao Yangbai was dragged by Xiao Tao to sit down in front of the luxurious dressing table, and his hair was neatly combed.

Since moving into the suite on the fourth floor, Qiao Yangbai has been living a very simple