Story 795 Jonan Freeter 21

I have no patience.

I thought so when I was in the army. Even after leaving the army, I don’t seem to have done one thing consistently. It seems that I have lived by running away and giving up. I thought it was right to live that way, but now I think it’s wrong. No, it doesn’t seem to be wrong.

During a writing meeting, I quit because the members continued to stop writing. Of course I didn’t write it either. Then, since it was not a writing meeting, I thought there was no need to continue the meeting. Did I have to be more patient and date people? Or should I have tried to write. Damn it. It’s all past.

I still couldn’t find a job. It’s not just at home. That’s worse.

I thought when I was only at home. Rather than working like a slave while receiving hundreds of thousands of won money, let’s stay healthy. I’ve never worked like a slave. To work like a slave, you have to do something grand in your own way. There are many people in the world who live hard to become slaves. I don’t have the courage to live so hard.

Staying at home feels stressed the way you are. There is no way to avoid stress. At home, I feel less stressed than when I’m outside. When the body is outside, it gets worse by drinking alcohol and secondhand smoke. If you are inside, there is no momentum and the day and night change, which makes it worse. Living is harmful. In terms of mental or physical health.

After playing for about a year, I really liked playing. I played for a year, but I started thinking that I couldn’t play for two years and three years. I think this is the most dangerous thing. If you go a little further from this line, you will continue to play. Of course, I am still playing hard now. So, is it bad to play? It is good to live that way if you can live with others. There are many people in the world who cannot live that way.

It is painful to live without a will like a kite that has fallen off. If you have a string, grab it. Eventually it was compromised. When I was in the army, my father’s friend came to me and said he would change it to the headquarters squad. The headquarters squad is more comfortable than others. I said no. And six months later, I went to the brig. The crime was protest. The greatest sin that the military can commit, rebellion. My father’s friend who came to Yeongchang looked at me and said.

Why didn’t you hear me when I offered you convenience and then came this far? Look in your eyes now The face is very half. Think carefully about what you really want. When I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, there was a huge dark circle under my eyes in a day. His face was shaky, so I was amazed at how this could be done in a short time. Only then did I know how weak I was. From the beginning, I learned that I was a human being who couldn’t get through without a string.

I didn’t have the courage to go to jail for two or three years and live as an ex-con. Wait, very little, there were times when I had such courage. There was definitely. After that moment, all that remains is disillusionment and shame. All self-confidence disappeared, and the human being I was returned to the little egg of the past. So, perhaps after seeing the Pillows’ performance in Korea, I think I have nothing to do or do anymore.

I have nothing more to do or

do to do.

I once had a conviction, but I found out that I was a weak human being who couldn’t keep it. It’s okay now. I disappeared, and only one loser remained. lost. completely. Still, life continues. I went to the job that my father’s drinking friend introduced me to and worked for 660,000 won. It’s a shit. I have nothing to do, but it is embarrassing and distressing to only fill the time. That said, it’s even more terrible because you can’t do it right if you leave it to work. At first, they told me to come out only for 2 days, then it increased to 3 days, and now I work for 5 days.

But the money I get is 660,000 won. When I was an intern at a magazine, I worked on the 15th and received 440,000 won. When I did telemarketing, I received over 1.1 million won a month. An average of 730,000 won.

Reported the number of households of 730,000 won. Total number 1. No accident. Current number of employees 1.

730,000 won Total number of households reported.

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