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Chapter 1 Accidental Topics

Early this morning, my wife was going to buy groceries and told me that my grandson was sleeping and asked me to watch.

I was sleeping in a daze and didn’t care. After a while I suddenly heard the grandson next door crying. I immediately got up and went to my wife’s room to take a look.

When the grandson woke up, he wanted to sit up, but he couldn’t sit still, and his head touched the bed and was crying. I hurriedly picked up my grandson to coax, and my daughter-in-law hurried over from her bedroom when she heard the cry.

She wore a translucent suspender pajamas. I had never seen my daughter-in-law wear such sexy before, and I vaguely saw that there was no bra in the pajamas.

The daughter-in-law hurriedly hugged the grandson to coax the grandson not to cry. I stood beside her and couldn’t help but look more. I didn’t expect my daughter-in-law’s dress to make me react.

I heard my grandson cry just now and I rushed out with only a pair of underwear/pants. Now it makes me very embarrassed. I glanced at my daughter-in-law twice, and the underwear/pants were immediately topped up.

After the daughter-in-law coaxed her grandson to stop crying, she relaxed, probably because she felt that she was dressed like this for the father-in-law to see, and the daughter-in-law’s blushes.

When my daughter-in-law’s gaze accidentally saw me standing next to her in underwear/pants. The daughter-in-law’s embarrassed expression is even worse.

Patting my grandson, my daughter-in-law quickly shifted her eyes from my underwear/pants to another place and said: “I heard the child cry just now, and I came out in a hurry without time to change clothes.”

Today my daughter-in-law wore this slightly coquettish/sassy half. The transparent pajamas really opened my eyes.

After listening to her explanation, I also smiled and said: “I am the same, I feel so

embarrassed .” The atmosphere was a bit embarrassing, I changed the subject and reached out to touch my grandson’s head and muttered: “Let grandpa take a look. Didn’t it hurt?”

Originally, I didn’t think about it, but touching my grandson’s hand unexpectedly hit the waves on my daughter-in-law’s chest.

I didn’t wear a bra inside, and I rubbed it from the outside of my crooked fingers.

This soft and elastic feeling is really wonderful.

My daughter-in-law just looked at the child, even if I accidentally touched her body and didn’t say anything. She is now focusing on the child.

I was relieved that the child was fine, but it was embarrassing for my daughter-in-law to stand in front of her father-in-law in sexy underwear, not to mention that my father-in-law only wore a pair of underwear/pants.

So I said to my daughter-in-law: “Let me hold him and change your clothes.” When

I finished speaking , my daughter-in-law’s face turned red. I guess it was because I was dressed like this and my father-in-law felt embarrassed.

My daughter-in-law responded softly, and then let my grandson hold me in the bedroom to change clothes.

But when she turned around, I had an illusion. Her eyes glanced at the position of my panties/pants again. My daughter-in-law’s eyes had a lot of complex emotions at that moment, and I could feel them in her eyes. .

Today, after seeing the translucent sexy pajamas worn by my daughter-in-law, I was filled with excitement. I knew it shouldn’t be, but I couldn’t help it.

For the next few nights, every time before I go to bed, I would recall the events of that day, as if they were stunned.

One time when I couldn’t hold back my hand to vent my heart, I was thinking of my daughter-in-law’s sexy body while moving. It felt so exciting and made me feel the excitement that I haven’t had for many years.

One night a few days later, my wife coaxed the grandson to sleep early.

My daughter-in-law and I were sitting in the living room watching TV. The weather was hot and I only wore a vest and sports shorts. My daughter-in-law wore a conservative pajamas.

The TV shows an urban drama, but there is a plot in it that a woman’s husband is not around, and then I can’t help but cheat outside.

Seeing this plot, I thought about my daughter-in-law’s current situation again, and deliberately asked her daughter-in-law: “Xiaoling, Jianjun has been away from home for a long time, do you have other ideas?”

After hearing this, my daughter-in-law turned her head and gave me a blank look, with a shame and annoyance on her face and said, “Dad, what are you thinking about? I have never done anything to be sorry for your son.”

Seeing her replied and continued to watch On TV, I feel more at ease in my heart. Thinking about the embarrassing thing last time, the relationship between my daughter-in-law and me has become much closer in the past few days.

Today I talked to my daughter-in-law about this topic, and she didn’t dislike it, which made me vaguely look forward to it.

I boldly continued to ask my daughter-in-law: “Jianjun is not at home all day, and you will have physical needs, right? How can you solve it if you want? Whether men and women always have physical needs, dad is very clear to those who come by.”

My daughter-in-law probably is. Unexpectedly, I would speak so bluntly. After taking a surprised look at me, I immediately avoided my sight, his beautiful face flushed with shame.

I sat next to her and looked at my daughter-in-law secretly. At this time, I thought she was really charming.

The topic was so sensitive I thought she didn’t want to talk to me anymore. When I was about to change the topic to ease the embarrassment, I saw my daughter-in-law making a thoughtful expression and quietly said to me: “The body is in need, but the army does not want to make money. Way. Sometimes, sometimes I can’t help but touch it myself!”

I was stunned when I heard my daughter-in-law’s answer . I couldn’t believe my daughter-in-law would really like to talk about these secret topics with me.

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