Chapter 1 Handsome guy, do you mind inviting me to dinner?

Chapter 1 Handsome guy, do you mind inviting me to dinner?

“After you go out, remember to be a good person.” The prison guard handed a piece of tissue paper and a small bag to the woman in front of him.

The woman took the thing, nodded to the prison guard, thanked her, and turned to leave.

It is said that you cannot look back when you are released from prison, because no one will feel reluctant to leave this place.

Lin Xi rubbed his empty stomach, and when he raised his hand, accidentally saw the criss-crossing scars on his slender arm, and smiled.

Thinking of being able to get out of prison today, I was so excited that I couldn’t eat anything since yesterday. Lin Xi raised his head and let out a long sigh of relief, Nima, it’s been a long time since I could enjoy the blue sky and white clouds in such a relaxed way.

Relax physically and mentally? Lin Xi snorted, not knowing whether he was laughing at himself or something.

I took out my cell phone, which was outdated, and looked at the time above, and then looked around for food.

Unfortunately, the prison is on the fringe of the capital. Looking around is full of undeveloped wasteland. There is only a solitary road leading to the distance, which is deserted and uninhabited.

Damn it, Lin Xi cursed in a low voice, recognizing his fate and started trekking along the edge of the road.

The weather had just rained, and there were puddles of different depths on both sides of the road. Lin Xi was cautiously avoiding in his somewhat old canvas shoes. Suddenly, a huge engine roar came, and a bright sapphire blue Lamborghini galloped past. After splashing with muddy water on Lin Xi’s head and face, it stopped ten meters in front of Lin Xi.

Lin Xi looked at the man who got out of the car with a deep expression on his face.

“Qin Yiyang, is that how you welcome me out of prison?”

“Isn’t this what the prison guards told me to be anxious after you left?” Qin Yiyang is dressed in casual clothes, still the sunny and cheerful look she remembers, “Get in the car, get in the car!”

Lin Xi retaliated and got into the noble co-driver of the luxury car with muddy water all over his body.

“Are you hungry? I’ll take you to eat something first.” Qin Yiyang controlled the steering wheel with ease and stepped the accelerator to the bottom with one foot.

Lin Xi tightly grasped the seat belt in front of him, his face turned pale in a moment.

“Sorry, I forgot.” Qin Yiyang noticed something wrong with Lin Xi, sorry with a smile, and suddenly slowed down.

After all, it was a supercar, and it took only half an hour to get on the second ring from the suburbs.

“Go to eat first, and then…”

Before Qin Yiyang finished speaking, he was interrupted by a sharp cell phone ringing.

He looked at the caller ID, his brows were tightly twisted into a lump.

After a long while, he picked it up: “Dad…”

“Boy, where did you die?” A burst of shouts came from the earpiece.

Qin Yiyang slightly put the phone away from his ear and whispered, “I’m outside, something is wrong.”

“What can you do? Did you go looking for that bitch? I heard that the woman was released from prison today. Get out of me quickly!” The roar continued.

“Dad, she doesn’t call that woman, she has a name.” Qin Yiyang’s voice suddenly sank.

“Hurry up and get me back! Otherwise, you will report to me in the Southwest Military Region tomorrow!” After speaking viciously there, the phone was hung up and the phone was hung up.

Qin Yiyang stared at the black-screened mobile phone for a long while, then screamed “shit” and smashed the mobile phone to the ground.

Lin Xi glanced sympathetically at the torn apart cell phone and smiled slightly: “You should go back and see the old man first. I’ll just go by myself.”

“Lin Xi…” Qin Yiyang was a little surprised.

“Can I still lose myself in Beijing?” Lin Xi raised his eyebrows, opened the door and got out of the car.

Qin Yiyang stared at that thin back for a long while, his thin lips pressed tightly.

She changed after all.

I still remember before, when I was interrupted like this when sending her off, she definitely kicked herself out of the car and drove away in her own car. It would not be the way she is now, not stunned.

The three-year prison disaster smoothed out all the spikes in her body, eliminated her edges and corners, and brought her a kind of gentleness that could not be expected before.

Lin Xi was walking on the street with a bag in his head, with the words that Old Master Qin had said incomparably just now. She smiled indifferently. There are more people who look down on her. Hasn’t she been used to it a long time ago?

I rummaged through my old bag and found the few notes left in it. I couldn’t help sighing. Miss Lin, who spent a lot of money in the past, couldn’t even afford a car.

The faster pace of life in the capital remains the same, with busy streets. Her leisurely expression is so incompatible with the hurrying people around her.

The melodious piano music was heard, and an elegantly decorated western restaurant came into view, and Lin Xi’s footsteps stopped.

Ahead was a bright red Ferrari trot she was familiar with, and Lin Xi squinted at the same familiar license plate.

Madd, it’s really a feng shui turn. Has her car in the past become a thing under the seat of others?

There was a woman in the car looking into the mirror and making up very seriously. A pair of cat eyes glanced at the western restaurant from time to time. Every time I looked at it, the smile on her lips became more shy, and the expression on her face , And become more and more urgent.

Lin Xi followed the woman’s eyes disapprovingly. When he saw a man sitting by the window in the western restaurant, his eyes almost didn’t come out.

Damn it, superb!

Not to mention the appearance of the swordsman and axe carving, the three-dimensional to the extreme profile, and the extraordinary temperament alone, attracted the attention of all women in the past.

Lin Xi swallowed his saliva without ambition, rolled his eyes, smiled sinisterly, and strode towards the western restaurant.

“Miss, I’m sorry, do you have an appointment?” The waiter at the entrance of the restaurant directly reached out and stopped Lin Xi.

Lin Xi actually understood their approach. After all, she is now shabby and dirty, which is incompatible with this high-end and luxurious western restaurant, but she came to “smash the place” today, how could she not enter?

“There is an appointment.” Lin Xi nodded, and pointed at the superb man sitting by the window in the waiter’s stupefied gaze, “He asked me.”

The waiter’s mouth was about to swallow an egg, and he turned to look at the man by the window tremblingly. The man just turned his head and looked over, and her deep black eyes flashed with a stern color that made her unable to understand.

The waiter misunderstood the look in her eyes for the blame for embarrassing his distinguished guest, and hurriedly bent over to apologize to Lin Xi again and again, with his head almost below his knees.

Lin Xi waved his hand carelessly, walked straight to the place opposite to him in the man’s secretive eyes, sat down, smiled and said, “Handsome man, would you mind buying me a meal?”