Chapter 2 Sending you off, I’ll be on the way

A black shirt would give people a sense of coldness that strangers shouldn’t enter. Now Gu Jingnian’s expression is even more unfathomable. He looked at the woman on the opposite side with Langhei eyes that others could not see through, and with just one glance, he seemed to have insight into everything.

Very young, although his clothes are dirty, his face is clean and elegant. The willow eyebrows are curved, the arc is soft, and the black eyes are as clear as the lake. Coupled with her brilliant smile, it makes a lot of people feel good.

Lin Xi was a little hairy by the look in his eyes, touched his nose, and was a little bit silly: “If you don’t speak, I will take it as your acquiescence?”

With that said, Lin Xi called the waiter to bring the menu, and looked down seriously.

She must have a good meal to celebrate her freedom, Lin Xi thought.

“Follow me to give her a copy.” A low and sweet voice full of magnetism sounded on the opposite side.



Lin Xi and the waiter spoke at the same time.

Lin Xi glanced at the dishes that Gu Jingnian hadn’t touched before, and then looked at the waiter earnestly: “Change the foie gras to caviar, the clam soup to the oxtail broth, and the steak should be charcoal-boiled wagyu seven minutes. Thank you. “

The feeling of astonishment flashed in the eyes of the waiter, changing his previous contempt and disdain, nodding his head repeatedly.

Gu Jingnian’s hand on the table moved slightly.

This is a top western restaurant. It is impossible for ordinary niche people to come in and consume. This woman’s dress is so simple and dirty, but when she only orders, she recognizes the things in front of him at a glance…

This woman is not an ordinary identity.

“Thank you for your kindness, it’s just that I used to eat too much of those things, and I was a little tired.” Lin Xi could not help but explain when seeing the man opposite, the look in his eyes seemed more profound.

Tired of eating… Gu Jingnian thought of these three words and smiled indifferently.

I have to admit that Gu Jingnian is a very attractive man with black eyebrows and slender, elegant and gentle. Below are a pair of eyes that are as deep as lake water, in which the bright light makes people unable to look directly.

Although he is smiling, he has an indifferent and alienated temperament that is three feet away from others.

This man seemed to be as rumored, indifferent and detached, noble and cold, not close to female.

Yin Yin expected that the things were finally brought up, and Lin Xi immediately ate his head without image. Three years have passed, and the taste of this restaurant is still as good as ever.

With the sound of “Welcome”, a light scent of Miss Coco’s perfume floated into Lin Xi’s nose.

She took the light from the corner of her eye and glanced at the extra azure color next to the table, and ignored it.

“Years?” The woman called out, then wrinkled her nose, looked at Lin Xi disgustingly, and asked dissatisfiedly, “Who is this beggar?”

Hearing her name, Gu Jingnian raised her long eyebrows almost invisibly.

Seeing that Gu Jingnian ignored herself, Lin Wan immediately turned her spear on Lin Xi: “Hey, who are you? What are you doing sitting here!”

Lin Xi calmly swallowed the last piece of steak, picked up the paper and wiped his mouth gracefully, then looked up at the angry Lin Wan, and smiled slightly: “My dear sister, of course it is sitting here. time to eat!”

Lin Wan looked at the beautiful woman in front of her, and suddenly froze in place. As if struck by lightning, he couldn’t speak for a long while with his mouth open.

“Sister, have you not recognized your elder sister in the past three years?” Lin Xi smiled evilly with her lips curled.

Lin Wan was initially startled, but Lin Xi suddenly stood up and backed away in shock. She smashed her high heels and fell directly onto the waiter behind her.

An unstable tray in the waiter’s hand covered Lin Wan. Lin Wan’s nice azure little dress was instantly stained with various colors of sauce and red wine.

“Are you blind and can’t look at the way?” Lin Wan reflexively yelled at the waiter behind her sharply.

This dress was praised by Gu Jingnian before. She wore it on purpose today, so it was ruined directly? !

The waiter knew that he was in trouble. He lowered his head and apologized repeatedly, and he was even more annoyed in his heart. The skirt of the second lady of the Lin family can’t afford to pay for a year’s salary!

“Sister, he didn’t mean it, you seem to be too excited.” Lin Xi’s faint voice sounded.

Lin Wan realized with hindsight that this was in front of Gu Jingnian. She immediately changed her angry expression and waved her hand in a very generous appearance: “Forget it, you go. .”

Lin Xi couldn’t help but marvel at such face-changing techniques.

The waiter gave Lin Xi a grateful look, and retreated like a pardon.

At that time, Gu Jingnian seemed to see that Lin Xi hadn’t eaten enough, and put a plate of untouched water chestnut prawns in front of her, indicating that she could continue to eat.

Lin Wan saw such a scene when she looked up, pouting her mouth and calling out reluctantly, “After years…”

Gu Jingnian didn’t even look at her, and took a sip of red wine elegantly: “Go back and change clothes.”

Lin Wan gritted her teeth with hatred, clenching her fists tightly on her side, and then squeezed out a sentence from her teeth: “Then I will come back later.”

“No, I will have a meeting in a while.” Gu Jingnian lowered his head and glanced at the watch on his wrist.

Lin Xi glanced at the men’s watch of the Vacheron Constantin heritage series with a price of more than seven figures, really worthy of his identity.

“Okay.” Although not reconciled, Lin Wan still did not dare to question Gu Jingnian’s words, squeezed the bag in her hand, and rushed out of the western restaurant a little embarrassed.

Lin Xi ate and drank enough, leaned contentedly on the sofa, propped his chin and looked at the man in front of him. After a while, his pale lips definitely uttered three words: “Gu Jingnian.”

“After three years in prison, your news is very good, Miss Lin.”

“Each each other!” Lin Xi raised his head and chuckled twice.

Although she is in prison, the news has not been blocked, especially since she has been caring about several people in the Lin family, and naturally she has some understanding of Lin Wan, the so-called boyfriend. Otherwise, she wouldn’t come in deliberately, which would make Lin Wan sick, wouldn’t she?

“Thank you Mr. Gu for the hospitality.” Lin Xi stood up, “Goodbye!”

“You owe me a meal.” Gu Jingnian’s magnetic voice sounded behind him.

Lin Xi spit out the word “OK” with a black line on his face.

After walking out of the western restaurant, Lin Xi realized that he didn’t have enough money to take a taxi back, and then turned around and walked in front of Gu Jingnian: “Thank you for lending me three hundred dollars.”

Gu Jingnian was a little surprised.

“Looking at what I am doing like this, it is not a shame to be poor,” Lin Xi said confidently, “I’m not going to pay you back!”

Gu Jingnian smiled slightly, picked up one side of the suit jacket and walked out first.

Lin Xi looked at his stalwart back. Nima, why is this man so tall?

When Lin Xi came back to her senses, she had already sat in Gu Jingnian’s co-pilot with no face and no skin.

“Where to go?” Gu Jingnian’s slender fingers were on the steering wheel.

“The Lin Family Mansion.”

“Okay.” Gu Jingnian uttered a word, started the car, and the black Bentley left.

“Don’t you have a meeting?” Lin Xi asked, clutching the seat belt in front of him tightly, swallowing saliva.

“I’m on the way,” Gu Jingnian said, turning his head to look at Lin Xi, curling his lips and smiling.

Lin Xi was also turning his head to look at him, just as he was stunned by his bewitching smile.

But… The Lin Family Mansion and the Gu Family Mansion seem to be two diametrically opposite directions.

He…by the way?