Chapter 3 The Return of the Daughter

The luxury car roared and stopped abruptly at the door of the Lin family mansion. Gu Jingnian got out of the car first and opened the door for Lin Xi very gentlemanly.

“Sorry to dirty your car.” Lin Xi pointed to the dirt on the seat.

“It’s an honor.”

The words contained ridicule, which inadvertently resolved Lin Xi’s embarrassment.

“Thank you!” Lin Xi didn’t want to stay with him at the gate of Lin’s mansion, turned and left.

“Don’t forget that you owe me a meal!” The ghostly voice sounded behind him again.

The corners of Lin Xi’s lips trembled, and he rolled his eyes and turned around: “I, remember, remember, it!”

Gu Jingnian was in a good mood. He watched the slender figure disappear at the carved gate of the Lin family, glanced at the flashing short messages on his mobile phone, and smiled contemptuously. After deleting all of them, he started Cha Juechen and left.

Miss Lin Family? It seems to be different from what he heard…


The Lin Family Mansion is still the magnificent and prosperous age as it was three years ago, and it has not been affected by her departure. The whole mansion is quiet and quiet, and even the broad tree-lined ground is not stained with dust.

With her coming back, this peace is at an end! Lin Xi stretched out his right hand, stretched it out in front of him, and clenched it into a fist again.

The Lin family…she’s back!

Both sides of the long tree-lined road are planted with phoenix trees. The trees are verdant and rush into the sky, forming a dense roof on the top, and it seems that no sunlight can enter.

The clean white plaster walls combined with light red roof tiles, continuous arches and cloisters, the combination of Chinese and Western design fully demonstrates the owner’s taste. Lin Xi stood under the steps, looking up at the tall white building in front of him. The long stairs were winding up, and the sun was shining with a cold white dazzling light, almost shining people could not help dizzy.

Lin Xi tugged his clothes, went upstairs and pushed the door.

“The eldest lady is back!” The maid’s announcement sounded, and all the people who were dining in the restaurant raised their heads and looked at the door.

After a moment of silence, it was Lin Zhengxiong’s thunderous voice: “Eating, drinking, gambling, and then becoming a murderer! The Lin family’s face was lost by you, and you still have the face to come back!”

His wife Fu Ruya pulled Lalin Zhengxiong, seeming to be quite critical of what he said, and then stood up and beckoned in surprise: “Xi Xi is back? Come here soon!”

Lin Xi stood on the spot, and his expression swept across the faces of the diners one by one.

For a moment, strode over.

“Xi Xi is hungry? Sit down, mom made a lot of your favorite dishes today, just waiting for you!” Fu Ruya greeted him affectionately, holding Lin Xi’s hand.

Lin Xi smiled sarcastically. Is this just waiting for her? Don’t even have an empty chair?

“Mother Chen, what are you doing in a daze, don’t hurry up to get a chair for the lady!” Fu Ruya scolded.

“Yes Yes Yes……”

“No need!” Lin Xi interrupted aloud.

“Such a rich lunch, I can’t stand it!” The pale lips uttered sarcasm.

“Bastard!” Lin Xiong stood up against the crime, pointing angrily at Lin Xi, “I have been in prison for three years for nothing, and I haven’t made any progress! Get out of me!”

“Yexiong…” Fu Ruya hurried to Linxiong and touched his chest to comfort.

Lin Xi walked to the end of the long table, opposite Lin Xiong, leaned on the table and looked at him with a tilted head, with a cold smile: “I haven’t grown much in the Lin family for 18 years, let alone three years in prison?”


“Have I grown? Who taught me before? Should my father go to find someone to settle the accounts?” Lin Xi lowered his head slightly, curled his lips and smiled. It shot directly at the forestry male.

“Lin Xi!” Lin Wan had changed her clothes, but the soft pink skirt didn’t add much gentleness to her. On the contrary, her delicate face became more and more distorted, “What do you mean? Is my mother to blame? My mother has not been kind to you all these years? It is obviously that you have your own life and no one supports you, shamelessly and blame others!”

Lin Wan’s words fell, and the restaurant was deadly silent.

Lin Xi was standing leaning against the table, but now suddenly turned around, put his hands on the table, and smiled.

With a “crash”, the long tablecloth was lifted by Lin Xi, all the knives, forks, cups and plates on the table fell off the table and fell on the person who was dining. After buttoning them, they crashed. On the ground, the restaurant that had just been happy and happy was in a mess for a moment, and everyone, even the head and face, was full of soup and water, which was very funny.

“Lin Xi, are you crazy!” Lin Xiong roared and stepped forward to hit Lin Xi.

Lin Xi ignored him, turned and left with a sneer.

“My father said that I had no education. I just wanted to be honest about what you said.” On the stairs, Lin Xi turned around and looked at the stunned people in the restaurant.

Isn’t it just cooked food for her? She doesn’t eat, no one wants to eat it!

Lin Xiong stared at the empty stairs and gasped for breath. A few seconds later, a thumping sound came from the second floor, shaking his majestic body a few times. Enraged.

Lin Ziyan, who had been silent for a while, didn’t expect that the gentle and well-behaved eldest sister who was at home before came back this time, that’s how it happened!

She is crazy.

This is what everyone thinks.

Lin Xi threw himself on the queen-size bed, buried his head in the soft pillow and did not move. After a while, he suddenly laughed low. The laughter became louder and sharper, and her laughter made her tremble.

She suddenly sat up from the bed, her teary eyes as if they had been washed, smooth and bright. At first glance, she did not dare to look directly at them. When she looked closely, she felt that her eyes were all cold and cold. The look of cold makes people feel as if they have stepped into the cold sky in an instant.

My room is still so clean, tidy and spotless, it is obviously cleaned every day. She does all this without thinking about who it is. Naturally, it is her “virtuous” stepmother, Fu Ruya!

Do you think she would still be as grateful for the little favor she gave her? what……

That stupid Lin Xi, that Lin Xi who was grateful for being so kind to her, that Lin Xi who was played with applause and didn’t realize it…was already dead!