Aideen, the esteemed daughter of a duke and direct assassin of the emperor, the leader of “owl”. I gave everything to my Lord but received only betrayal and deception in return, and death. “I will take revenge on you. I will never forgive you even in my death! After taking all the blame, his life ended with his neck cut off by the guillotine. But the moment she opened her eyes again, she realized that she had returned at the age of 17. I decided to destroy Ferdi, a country the Emperor cherished more than his life. “You are beautiful, Milady. Especially your red eyes. “The man who personally sent the order to send Aideen to the guillotine, the prince of the enemy country, Diceon, suddenly began to interfere with his life! Aideen, the woman abandoned by the

Associated Names:
Wheedrian, Myeong Rang
Genres: Drame, Tragédie, Amour,, Drama, Tragedy, Love
Year: N/A
Status: N/A

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