Air Gear


To escape gravity and turn the city into a huge playground, a new sport has emerged: Air Treck. New kind of rollerblades are born. They incorporate an extremely powerful small engine. Ikki did not care about this discipline, until the day when the Skull Saders,

Air Gear
Associated Names: エア・ギア, エア・ギア UNLIMITED, 飛輪少年, 飞轮少年, 에어 기어, ขาคู่ทะลุฟ้า, Air Gear Unlimited, Lucht Gear, Эйр Гир, الهواء والعتاد, এয়ার গিয়ার, ขาคู่ทะลุฟ้า แอร์เกียร์
Oh! Great
Genres: Fantasy, Drama, School Life, Supernatural, Ecchi, Action, Sport, Comedy, Tournaments, Romance, Sci-Fi, Harem
Year: 2002
Status: N/A

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