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[Rebirth] The phoenix is ​​up, the dragon is down

[Rebirth] The phoenix is ​​up, the dragon is down
Other names: [重生]凤在上,龙在下
Author: Years Reminiscence
Genre: Novel, Tanmei
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


[Rebirth] The novel of Feng Zai Shang and Long Zai Xia is the work of the author who remembers the moon over the years. The plot is ups and downs and exciting. It is a Danmei novel with excellent plot and writing style.


Chapter 1 Know the end of love
Chapter 2 Guoting Wine Shop Waiting for Kings to Come
Chapter 3 Raise wine and drink to fight each other
Chapter 4 Getting along in the forest is like forgetting sorrows
Chapter 5 Cooperate to Kill the Enemy Together
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