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Father-in-law love

Father-in-law love
Other names: 公媳欢情, My young mother-in-law, 我的年轻岳母
Author: Tomato scrambled eggs
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“Unsurpassed by Heart”, also known as “Tender Betrayal”, “Wonderful Man Seeing the Peak”, “My Young Mother-in-Law”, “I Loved So So Back” is a very good, very beautiful urban emotional ethics A type of online novel, this novel is an original online novel written by the Internet author Tomato Scrambled Eggs. The protagonists in the novel are Shen Man and Jiang Feng. “Guys in the Heart” interprets a wonderful emotional and ethical story of mother-in-law and son-in-law! ..


Chapter 1 The Encounter Between Son-in-law And Mother-in-law
Chapter 2 Mother-in-law’s Impulse
Chapter 3 The Grief of Mother-in-law
Chapter 4 Breakfast Disturbance
Chapter 5 The Desire of Beautiful Women
Chapter 6
Chapter 7 The Transformation of Beautiful Young Women
Chapter 8 Seducing Beautiful Young Women
Chapter 9 The frivolity of the dean
Chapter 10 The Son-in-law’s Discovery
Chapter 11 Evil Thoughts
Chapter 12 Evil Thoughts
Chapter 13 The Discovery of the Wife
Chapter 14 The Appearance of the Daughter
Chapter 15 Changes in Mother-in-law
Chapter 16 Emergencies
Chapter 17 Obscure Suggestions
Chapter 18 Injury Benefits
Chapter 19 The Temptation of Gentleness
Chapter 20 The Woods Have Lovers
Chapter 21 The Amorous Feelings of the Father and Daughter
Chapter 22 The Disappointed Young Woman
Chapter 23 The Son-in-Law Intercourse
Chapter 24 The Son-in-law Goes to Bed
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