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One piece of spoiled marriage: Husband, don’t be too bad

One piece of spoiled marriage: Husband, don’t be too bad
Other names: 一纸宠婚:老公,别太坏
Author:  Firefox
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2018
Status: Ongoing


She was framed by a girlfriend’s design. She was involved with him. She thought it was just a dew marriage, and she had nothing to do with it, but she didn’t want to have his seeds in her belly.

Jiang Tianheng: “The child is born.”

Shen Yue: “Of course I will be born. This is my child.”

Jiang Tianheng: “No, this is my child.”

Shen Yue: “…”


Chapter 1 Shameless
Chapter 2 Get out if you have enough trouble!
Chapter 3 Jian Meihua
Chapter 4 Struggle
Chapter 5 Being a Servant
Chapter 6 Cooking
Chapter 7 Private Hospitals
Chapter 8 A Good Girlfriend?
Chapter 9 Sorry
Chapter 10 Baby’s Heartbeat
Chapter 11 Young grandma
Chapter 12 Wedding
Chapter 13 farce
Chapter 14 Bankruptcy
Chapter 15 Father Shen
Chapter 16 Aunt Fang
Chapter 17 Companies
Chapter 18 Jian Yiyi
Chapter 19 Encounter Liang Bo
Chapter 20 misunderstanding
Chapter 21 Back to the ancestral house
Chapter 22 Love
Chapter 23 Not worthy of Jiang Tianheng
Chapter 24 Met old man Jiang
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