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Love you out of blue

Love you out of blue
Other names: 爱你情出于蓝
Author: Yan Rubai Action
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2017
Status: Ongoing


After two years of marriage, every time he wanted her, he came in from behind.
She was extremely angry! “Sheng Youting! Why do you dare not look at my face every time you ask me! Is it because I am afraid to see that the person sleeping with you is me, isn’t it my sister?”
“Do you want me to watch you do it? As long as you can afford it!”
He is as fierce as a beast, she gritted her teeth to bear…


01 Want her from behind
02 Planning a divorce
03 You owe fuck
04 Wish she died
05 I still hate you
06 Time to put it down
07 agree to divorce
08 Bleed a lot
09 Infertility
10 He doesn’t love me
11 Depressed too much
12 people evaporate
13 The sore spot is dripping with blood
14 One Dead Two Lives
15 Come home with me
16 His Woman
17 Not peelable
18 yin and yang
19 Kill her
20 How bitter can be
21 You want to kill me
22 What is your use
23 Love her for 11 years
24 I’m Sorry
25 children
26 Angel for her
27 I can’t pay off what I owe you
28 Sentences to punish the heart
29 Crazy Man
30 Stop making her unhappy
31 Killing Her Family
32 Chopping the Weeds and Roots
33 Don’t get an inch
34 Are you crazy
35 Weighed the pros and cons
36 It hurts when I think about it
37 I hurt her
38 A slap in the face
39 Heartbreak
40 I’m Satisfying You
41 I want her to die
42 Cruel Laugh
43 Killing Her Mother
44 I am afraid I am afraid
45 Love You From Blue
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