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Best daughter-in-law

Best daughter-in-law
Other names: 极品好儿媳, The Best Daughter-in-law
Author: Stinger
Genre: Novel, Urban Fiction
Release: 2018
Status: 101


Luo Ming worried that his wife Qin Yu had an affair, and let his father Lao Wang monitor his wife. Unexpectedly, Qin Yu fell in love with Lao Wang…


Chapter One Embarrassment
Chapter 2 Peeping on the Balcony
Chapter 3 Qin Yu is not angry
Chapter 4 The Secret of the Daughter-in-law
Chapter 5 Asking the Truth
Chapter 6 Daughter-in-law came here late at night
Chapter 7 Be a guest
Chapter 8 Qin Yu is Drunk
Chapter 9 Drunkard doesn’t mean wine
Chapter 10 The Temptation of Yang Xuefang
Chapter 11 Wet the Skirt
Chapter 12 Lao Wang’s Little Yellow Book
Chapter 13 Teaching to Watching Small Movies
Chapter 14 Daughter-in-law Helps Lao Wang Solve It
Chapter 15 The Husband Calls Suddenly
Chapter 16 Daughter-in-law To Be A Female Anchor
Chapter 17 Lao Wang Is Very Contradictory
Chapter 18 Must stop
Chapter 19 I want to make a claim
Chapter 20 Daughter-in-law was photographed secretly
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