Double-faced daughter’s revenge

Double-faced daughter’s revenge novel
Other names: 双面千金复仇记小说
Author: Su Banqing
Genre: Novel
Release: 2016
Status: Ongoing


Jiang Chenxi admitted that all the mold in her life was poured out by her on this day. On the first day of school, she was tied up twice and tied up during the day. She became a double daughter and became the candidate for the fiancée of Royal Highness Ou Yexi. Dark night escapes and is tied up again, becoming the exclusive favorite of the mysterious masked man.

“You are so bold, you dare to hit Ben Shao.” Didn’t it mean that he stole her first kiss, and the royal family of Tangtang Yingguo was actually covered with five paw prints by this girl. One million, her parents sold her, one million, she became the exclusive of the mask man: “Kitten, you are so sweet.” If the tigress doesn’t show her power, she will treat her as a hellokitty. If the girl upsets the royal family, all kinds of beautiful men will chase after him.