Hanmen Poisonous Concubine

Hanmen Poisonous Concubine
Other names: 盛世荣华之寒门毒妃
Author: Bailiyun
Genre: Novel, Action
Release: 2016
Status: Chapter 644 Finale


A marriage contract, a white silk, she is dead, she is born. Hua Xiyan never thought that he would actually cross into the coffin. Why is she a princess and princess as soon as others wear it, but she just happens to be a poor lady? If you come, you will be at peace. Although the small family is poor, but the price is peace. No one is afraid of God, let her years be quiet. Misfortune flew, the parents were arrested, and the nine tribes were slaughtered. She vowed that since she was born again here, she must be ashamed of her blood, complain and avenge her, and let those who deceive me and insult me ​​pay off with their lives. then,…


Chapter 1 Rebirth of the coffin
Chapter 2 First confrontation
Chapter 3 Really wronged
Chapter 4 I want to quit the marriage
Chapter 5 The son of Yunqi
Chapter 6 The meeting on the water