Revenge of the Masked Daughter

Revenge of the Masked Daughter
Other names: 假面千金复仇记
Author: Miao Miao Mei Paper
Genre: Novel
Release: 2017
Status: 352 End


One day before the wedding, I found that my fiance and my girlfriend were getting on the bed together. She wanted to quit, but they didn’t know that they were ambitious but refused to let her retreat. Car accident, disfigurement, home can’t go back…she survived a catastrophe, vowing to take back everything that belongs to her. Transformed into the fiancée of the president with a heart, a certain woman chuckled, “The cheating man is just like the money dropped on the shit. It is disgusting if you pick it up, and it feels wasteful if you don’t pick it up.” You said, what should I use to kill you? The person I ever loved the most.