Best defense

Best defense
Other names: 最好的辩护
Author: Alan Dershowitz
Genre: Biography Documentary
Release: 2016
Status: Completed


When Li Barry was found guilty of conspiracy to commit federal postal fraud in 1973, he once quoted a motto that lawyers often use to say: Britain and the United States have a world of difference in their attitudes towards their respective criminal defense lawyers in the United Kingdom. Often get the title of knight, and in the United States they get notoriety as criminals. The second half of this statement is true. There are many criminal defense lawyers charged with crimes in the United States. Sometimes you have to remind the public that the defendant’s defense lawyer did not commit a crime in criminal proceedings, just like the obstetrician himself did not give birth to a child, and only their client committed the crime.

This situation, especially after the highly hyped Watergate and Saudi Arabian businessman bribery trials, many of the defendants in these trials were lawyers, and the image of lawyers as criminals has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of Americans and cannot be washed away. Indeed, in recent years, when I gave first-year law students the first class, I always told them that from a statistical point of view, more of you are ultimately criminally prosecuted than defendants in criminal proceedings.

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