Payment War, Genesis of Internet Finance

Payment War, Genesis of Internet Finance
Other names: 支付战争·互联网金融创世纪
Author: Eric Jackson
Genre: Biography Documentary
Release: 2015
Status: Completed


In 1981, there was a business book that kept me awake all night, reading it on the lamp… This situation is now reappearing… I don’t like people to talk about it, but at this time, I have to say that this book makes it difficult for you to cover it. In addition, it gives the best description of “business strategy” and presents a picture of a rapidly changing world. ——Tom Peters, best-selling author, author of “Pursuing Excellence”

Eric Jackson’s “Payment War” tells the inside story of how two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs created an online payment website called PayPal. The content is fascinating. Every business school should include this book as a must-read list, because it is definitely the best case study. —Arnold Beechman, The Washington Times

Reading “Paying War” is like watching the football finals. The two teams scored 21:21 in the last two minutes, and then suddenly entered the death overtime. Although this is a business book, it is rare that it reads as exciting as a novel. Once picked up, it is difficult to put down. ——Skip McGrath, editor-in-chief of “eBay Seller News”

Chapter Lists:

Book praise
Preface 1 The Rise of Internet Finance
Those who have fought tough battles are more likely to make a difference
Introduction (The PayPal story is a war)
Chapter 1 Recruiting New Persons: Forming a “PayPal Gang”
Chapter 2 Breakthrough: Opening up the auction market
Chapter 3 Super Merger: Elon Musk debut
Chapter 4 Growing Troubles: Internal Troubles and External Troubles
Chapter 5 Producers: New Product Development Strategies
Chapter 6 Transformation: PayPal 2.0
Chapter 7 Monopolist’s Attack: PayPal Reverses the Situation
Chapter 8 Desperate Stakes: Gaining Users
Chapter 9 Listing: From Earth to Palo Alto
Chapter 10 At Risk: The “Nuclear” Program
Chapter 11 Sale: There is no turning back
Concluding remarks
Postscript Google challenges PayPal

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