Ashes of Love 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 Episode 22 Recap

Xu Feng had guessed that it was Nan Pinghou who poisoned his food and colluded with Liangguo to ambush him. He saw that the officers and soldiers had searched this far, and he planned to go back to take care of the matter as soon as possible. Jin Mi wondered why she was always palpitating on the road recently. He had never felt this way before.

Yanyou came to Yunmengze and saw the benefactor. The benefactor blamed him for not coming back after the death of the mouse fairy. She knew that the death of the mouse fairy was a big blow to him, and persuaded him to indulge in the past to no avail, and look forward to everything. Row. The benefactor received the news that Ling Ling arrow had reappeared in the world, and she hoped that Yanyou could get Ling Ling arrow to kill Xu Feng as soon as possible.

Yanyou advised the benefactor to refrain from urgency and patience. Hearing these words, the benefactor was furious and rebuked him for not knowing how to live and die and live on the mercy of others. When Yanyou was about to leave, he saw a kid hiding beside him. He and Yanyou said that although there are food and drink here, they would like to go to the quagmire to roll around.

When Liu Ying returned to the city, she found that her mansion had been sealed off. There were people arresting herself everywhere, and others were following her on the road. Liu Ying fought in the woods with the group of people who followed him, and was fortunate to be saved by Qi Yuan in a crisis. Qi Yuan brought Liuying back to a dilapidated courtyard, and helped her to cure her illness with spiritual power, and only then recovered most of her injuries.

Xu Feng made a good table of dishes, and wanted to use these as a consultation fund to thank Jin Mi, but Jin Mi frankly confessed that he had regarded him as a friend and did not need these extras. Xufeng promises to fulfill one of Jin Mi’s wishes, while Jin Mi mocks what a bandit can accomplish for her? She and Xufeng treated each other frankly, telling her tragic life experience, thanking Xufeng for appearing in her humble and small life like an ant, finding the meaning of life and letting her know how wonderful it is to help others while alive Things.

Xu Feng left after Jin Mi fell asleep. He was afraid that it would be dangerous to return to the Yi Palace directly, so he went to Beiyuan Mountain Villa where his confidant army was stationed, and prepared to discuss the long-term plan. Jin Mi woke up to find that Xu Feng was nowhere to be seen. There was a farewell letter on the table, and she couldn’t help feeling lost. He was so angry that he escaped right after he recovered, and he didn’t even leave it to himself to say goodbye in person

The fairy under the moon privately led the red thread to the old Hu and the Lord Changfang. The old man was confused and flirted with the Lord Changfang. The Lord Changfang saw it through and locked him in the rabbit shed. Fortunately, the fairy under the Moon rescued him in time. .

Lord Changfang is worried about Jin Mi, and doesn’t know her current status in the world. Several other heroes persuaded Peony one after another. The Emperor of Heaven had made a special order not to allow the immortals to interfere with Jin Mi’s calamity. Moreover, the Ye God also looked after Jin Mi day by day and advised her not to worry too much.

Qianghuo and aunt were very happy to see that the saint had returned from picking herbs, and Jin Mi was relieved to see that there was nothing else in the family. Qianghuo didn’t report on Jin Mi. She learned that the person Jin Mi was treating had recovered and became happy with Jin Mi.

Nanping Hou was dissatisfied that Suihe kept secretly not reporting Xufeng’s disappearance. He suggested that the funeral be expedited to resolve Huaiwu’s internal and external problems as soon as possible. The two were arguing, but the servant reported that King Bao Yi had returned safely. Xufeng stopped Suihe at the door, Suihe made a big fuss, and Qin Tong had to stop him.

Xufeng pretended to be ill and continued to fight with Nanpinghou. Nanpinghou proposed to invite the saint woman of the holy medical family into the palace for Xufeng’s diagnosis and treatment. Xufeng was unwilling to involve Jinmi in it, but the ministers started to play, Xu Feng had to agree.

Suihe finally saw Xufeng. He heard that Xufeng was weak and specially boiled the soup for Xufeng. When Xufeng drank the medicine, he remembered the little bit of getting along with Jin Mi, and the corners of his mouth rose.

Jin Mi stole the Thousand Years Snow Ginseng and was discovered by her aunt, and together with the elders, Jin Mi took Jin Mi to the Saintess Hall for questioning. Jin Mi was in a hurry and had to lie that he had practiced the Immortal Universe Pill, and took it for the test. In order to bear the guilt, Qianghuo said that he had stolen the medicine. The two of them were pushing away from each other, but a member of the saint doctors came to report, and someone in the palace wanted to take away the saint.

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