Granting You a Dreamlike Life 许你浮生若梦 Episode 2 Recap

Duan Tianci and Tianying sneaked back to the team. Unexpectedly, he was caught by Nine-year-old Hong. Nine-year-old Hong deliberately and severely shouted Tianying into the room, pretending to punish her severely. The apprentices listened, otherwise it would be difficult to stand up. Nine-year-old Hong is very fond of Tianying. She hopes that the girl will become a phoenix. She hopes that Tianying will become a famous celebrity. Tianying smiles strangely and asks her father to let her perform on the stage tonight.

On the other side, Luo Fusheng and Lin Qikai received Xu Xingcheng’s wind. The three have a deep friendship. Although they are not brothers, they have grown up together since childhood, and their feelings are comparable to others. Luo Fusheng loved to ride a motorcycle, and he carried Xu Xingcheng, all the way back to the city. The two got up and refused to ride in Lin Qikai’s car. Instead, he started racing on the street like a child. Longfu Grand Theater, it turned out that Luo Fusheng was going to take Xu Xingcheng to watch a nine-year-old red drama, and use it to clean the wind for him.

The performance is about to begin. Luo Fusheng is sitting in the front row with Xu Xingcheng, Lin Qikai and Hong Lan . Nine-year-old Hong is bravely preparing to enter the stage. Who knows that before taking the stage, nine-year-old Hong suddenly feels unwell, but this is where the acting team In Dongjiang’s first performance, the nine-year-old Red had to grit his teeth and insist on the stage. While everyone was preparing to immerse themselves in the beauty of the opera, the land snake Hu Qi ran into trouble, threatening the nine-year-old red in his words, and required five or five points.

Luo Fusheng’s face was cold. He liked to watch the most in his life. Luo Fu stood up arrogantly, and cleaned up Hu Qi fiercely, but Hu Qi was not vegetarian, and he directed his young sisters to surround Luo Fusheng. Xu Xingcheng and others had to come forward to help, but Luo Fusheng gave a big wave and let them take Hong Lan to go first. In this way, Luo Fusheng fought alone with Hu Qi and others, and on the side of the stage, the nine-year-old Red began to sing. , Won the praise of Luo Fusheng. Luo Fusheng, while watching the show, beat Hu Qi and others in a hurry, and it was a good time. After waiting for the curtain, Luo Fu rushed to the backstage with great interest, only to be surprised to find that the woman who sang the opera turned out to be the one who scrambled for the fried dumplings.

Tianying recognized Luo Fusheng long ago, but she did not like Luo Fusheng. At the critical moment, Xu Xingcheng also rushed back. He was a doctor who returned from studying abroad. He immediately judged that the nine-year-old red’s condition can no longer be delayed and must be sent immediately. hospital. Tianying was proud and said he would not take Luo Fusheng’s car. Xu Xingcheng pulled the car for Duan’s father and daughter in the heavy rain to save people, and took the nine-year-old red to the hospital all the way to save the lives. After this incident, Tianying is very grateful to Xu Xingcheng, and Xu Xingcheng is full of gratitude for this stubborn and beautiful girl.

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