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Love at First Hate Episode 15 Plot

After Gbagbo was driven away by Klow, Klow couldn’t contact Gbagbo. Crowe finally couldn’t help but go to Gbagbo. Gbagbo said coldly that it was not Napa who drove him away, but that Crowe said she agreed with Napa’s approach. Gbagbo left here angrily, but turned around but showed a sly smile on Gbagbo’s face. Sure enough, Crowe came up to apologize to Gbagbo. Gbagbo pretended to be cold and said that if Crowe let himself forgive, unless he agreed to his terms.

Gbagbo offered to live in Klow’s house, but Klow was surprised, she worried that Napa would not agree. Gbagbo did not give in at all. Crowe finally agreed to Gbagbo to live at home, but she made many conditions, and Gbagbo agreed. Cloe arranged a separate room for Gbagbo, and Gbagbo questioned why they did not live in the same room when they were married. Crowe said that she would only live with someone she loves and have relationships with someone she loves.

At this moment, Joey, the maid in Crowe’s house, received a call from Napa. Napa heard Gbagbo’s voice on the phone and she questioned Crowe. Crowe lied that Gbagbo was only fulfilling his obligation to visit her. Napa didn’t believe it at all, and she insisted on coming over. Crowe put down the phone and urged Gbagbo to leave, but Gbagbo insisted on telling Napa clearly at Crowe’s house.

Napa came to Klow’s house and drove Gbagbo away angrily. She thought that Gbagbo approached Klow to get fame and money from her. In the end, he would abandon Klow, and he wanted to avenge himself. Crowe persuaded Napa to think about his situation, and Gbagbo couldn’t help but argue for Crowe. Napa furiously slapped Gbagbo. At Crowe’s insistence, Napa left angrily. But that night Laurie came to Crowe’s house with luggage, and she said that she was staying at Napa’s order. Crowe was very upset, she didn’t want to agree, but Laurie said that if she didn’t agree to move in by herself, Napa would live in herself. Crowe had to agree.

Because of Laurie’s arrival, Crowe had to lock Gbagbo’s room, lest Laurie discovered the secret of their separation. Crowe had to say that he wanted to live in a room with Gbagbo, and Gbagbo was overjoyed.

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