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A piece of pampering marriage: the mysterious husband can’t provoke

A piece of pampering marriage: the mysterious husband can’t provoke
Other names: 一纸宠婚:神秘老公惹不得, 一纸宠婚, A piece of paper
Author: Shui Chuxin
Genre: Novel, Action
Release: 2018
Status: Chapter 1317 Obsession (Ending)


In an accident, she and the mysterious man rolled their sheets, received a marriage certificate but didn’t know how tall and short her husband was. Ann took the red book and protested: “I want to see my husband.” At night, he took her into his arms, resisting death. In the middle of the night and tomorrow, the man deliberately didn’t see her? Ann left the divorce agreement and ran away angrily, “My lady is not waiting!” Unexpectedly, the man issued a national arrest warrant and returned the young wife to reward 10 million. “Prodigal stuff!” An held his stomach and delivered it to the door, reaching out for money, “One plus one, twenty million!”


Chapter 1 Calculated
Chapter 2 Shameless
Chapter 3 Weird man
Chapter 4 Being splashed with juice
Chapter 5 Meet Huo Tingshen again
Chapter 6 The most embarrassing thing in life
Chapter 7 Funny little wife
Chapter 8 Can’t help it
Chapter 9 An’s Crisis
Chapter 10 Drunk kitten
Chapter 11 Live in the same community
Chapter 12 Calculated by Ye Shao
Chapter 13 I am married
Chapter 14 Be my girlfriend
Chapter 15 Condition to help her
Chapter 16 Send her to the police station
Chapter 17 She is my person
Chapter 18 Catch the current
Chapter 19 Fake show
Chapter 20 Tit for tat
Chapter 21 Meet the scum again
Chapter 22 A glimpse
Chapter 23 brazen
Chapter 24 An Won
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