Twenty years ago, “Nan Dao” Li Zheng was ordered to be a bandit and built the forty-eight villages of Shushan to reap the dead. Twenty years later, a young man who claimed to be Xie Yun took the “Anping Ling” into the Forty-Eight Village at night. Since then, Gantang has come out of the mountain and the situation has returned.

As a descendant of the “Nan Dao”, Zhou Fei grew up in Forty Eight Villages, but she has never seen the appearance of the rivers and lakes. After meeting Xie Yun, all of this deviated from the original track.
The winds and rains are like obscurity, the once carefree teenagers are involved in a catastrophe for no reason, and the secret that has been in the dust for twenty years is about to be revealed…

Associated Names: You Fei
Genres: Jinjiang Literature City, Ancient, romance, martial arts
Year: 2015
Status: N/A

List of Chapters:

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