Counterattack Young Lady: The Army is Less, Pain Lightly

Counterattack Mrs. Shao: Little army, light pain (Novel)
Other Name: 逆袭少夫人:军少,轻轻疼妤千千 著 . 连载 免费

Genre: novel
Yu Qianqian
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Ning Xinxue is cold and Jin Han, mainly about a misunderstanding of the heroine who married a man who could not afford it. A man who can’t hide, and her marriage is nothing but a lie…

In this regard, Miyatake seemed completely incomprehensible: “Why? Does he refuse to touch you?”

“What’s your reaction? Shouldn’t I refuse? How could he refuse?”

“Aren’t you willing? Are you actually unwilling?”

Gongzhu was so angry that she was knocked out by the frenzy: “Are you stupid? Such a man, go to sleep quickly and save trouble!”

What is saving time? Moreover, what should she save?

Ning Xin snowed her girlfriends white and said, “We have signed the contract and divorced in a hundred days. Why should I eat such a big loss to accompany him to sleep?”

“Benefited? Are you saying that this is a human word?”

At that time, Gong Zhu’s expression was as if he had been struck by thunder, and he said exaggeratedly: “While he slept, he obviously took advantage of it? Is it that kind of face, that figure, do you still suffer? “


Chapter List:

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