Krabok Khu Wildlife Breeding Center in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Krabok Khu Wildlife Breeding Centre is an academic tourist attraction that is located at Moo 4, Baan Tah Gloy, Tah Takieb District, Chachoengsao. It is located on highway no. 3259 (Phanom Sarakam – Tah Takieb) before reaching to Tah Takieb District for about 2 kilometers. It is a wildlife breeding centre and reserved wildlife breeding that is endanger for extinction. It is opened as a research place for students and of those who are interested. Inside the station, there are monkey, gibbon, langur, bear, peacock, white winged duck, etc. For group visiting, a prior contact shall be made to the supervisor of Krabok Khu Wildlife Breeding Centre.

Originally, it is the location of the first Wildlife Research Station of Royal Forest Department; later on it has been changed to Krabok Khu Wildlife Breeding Centre. The total of responsible area is 500 Rai which is now a days the section of Department of National Parks, Wildelife and Plant Conservation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Krabok Khu Wildlife Breeding Centre helps taking care and preserving animal species such as monkey, gibbon, bear, and bird and look after the animals that has been captured illegally and has been trained and released to the nature. There are other species in total number of 35 species and 585 of them; number of poultry for around 140, number of mammals around 439, and 6 reptiles.