Namtansod Village in Chachoengsao, Thailand

At Tambol Paknam, Amphur Bangkla sub-district is where an old village of Chachoengsao is. In this area, it is full of sugar palm trees. That is why the villagers here tend to made sugar palm juice as their living which is a very admirable folk wisdom. The villagers are able to get the sugar palm from a very high tree and process it to a product to sell. Moreover, it is also the culture preservation of this village too.

During the old days, every family in this village made sugar palm juice for their living. However, it reduces nowadays when the new culture replaced it such as industries and shrimp farm. Some sugar palm gardens were turned into shrimp farms but there are still some tracks of it to see especially at Somnuke Namtansod which is the place where they teach how to process the sugar palm juice.

Sugar palm is an old tree in the world which has more than 4,000 types. It is a long life tree. Biologist agreed that the origin is from the east of India and was expanded to Srilanka, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand. In Thailand, it is widely found at Petchaburi, Supanburi, Nakornpatom. At the south, it is found at Amphur Satingpra, Amphur Ranod of Songkla. In the east, it is found at Amphur Bangkla, Chachoengsao.

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