Phu Kradueng Mountain in Loei, Thailand

Phu Kradueng National Park is a national park in Loei province of Thailand is the school’s first two travelers who naturally for generations Legend has it that one track hunters hunting up until you find the majestic lands like a perfect paradise. Cut the top of the sandstone above sea level 400-1200 meter is shaped like cowbell. A large flat area on top of him like a leaf Bon. The watersheds of the Nam Phong Lam The weather is cool all year round Open season from October 1 to May 31 of each year. And closed season from 1 June to 30 September for the forest to recover.

Kradueng addition of exotic landscapes with pine lined up on the vast plains on top of the mountain then. Also a spectacular scenic cliff as many of them together. By Eastern Pha Nok Aen watch the sunrise. Away from the office, about two kilometers west Pha Lom watch the sunset clearly as possible. Away from the office, about 9 kilometers to the popular imaging with ledges extending to Pine Cliff by Cliff Red Cliff Camper Pha Na Noi cliff hibernate and Pha Mak as an alternative to line the route to visit the sun. Snow is beautiful. Kradueng has attractions as a source of water as well as a line of ethereal streams Sa Aondat swimming lagoon. His origin rivers that flow down the cliff, he falls into a waterfall of interest include Wang Kradueng deer cross rocky streams. Deer often come down to drink at all times.

The source of a waterfall Meet the new moon falls Caused by deer creek Wang Winter will see a fallen maple leaf is red-covered waters, waterfalls, caves big shady trees. Early January around the area are bloody with maple leaf-strewn forest floor. Waterfall paradise Small waterfall with beautiful waterfalls plunge falls 8 stories high, about 30 meters Pone Kingpetch former world champion boxing’s first Thailand is discovered in the following practice Kradueng Waterfalls Resort over a tiered waterfall with a height of 10 meters and Waterfall Resort. under In a single stream with waterfalls resort north.

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