Chinese Drama

Face Off

The candid and straightforward Chen Zhen works as a salesgirl for cosmetics. She meets Wang Yi, a leading prosthetic makeup artist, at a fashion show by chance. And thus, commences her pursuit in the field of prosthetic makeup, while romance blossoms between the two. (Adapted from manhua ‘Please! Make Me Beautiful!’ by San Fu Dong Man.)

Face off
Also known as: 特化师
Country: China Mainland
Episodes: 42
Genres: Romance, Youth,Idol
Director: Pan Jing Cheng
Writer: Yang Bi Feng
Air Date: November 20, 2017
Networks: iQiYi, Shenchuan TV
Starring: Seven Tan, Andy Zhang, Hanson Ying, Dai Chao, Huang Tian Qi

Categories: Chinese Drama, Drama

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