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Incense 2003

The Buddha statue in the temple collapsed and needed three thousand yuan to be repaired. In order to raise the money, the monk (played by Li Qiang) came to the Buddhist and Cultural Relics Department. However, the two parties would only shirk responsibility. I don’t plan to spend this money. In desperation, the monk went to seek help from a senior who lives in another temple, but the senior only persuaded him to give up.

After that, the monk decided to raise money by alms, but it didn’t take long before he was caught by the police into the police station. After coming out, the monk met a prostitute who wanted to help, a guy who tried to make his girlfriend happy, and a man who wanted to ask his wife for medicine. My husband even became a fortune teller. In the end, the monk sold the rosary beads and finally collected the money. When he returned to the temple happily, what awaited him was the news that the temple was about to be demolished.

Incense 2003
Also known as: 香火2003
Country: China Mainland
Genres: Drama
Director: Ning Hao
Air Date: 2003
Starring: Li Qiang

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