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Famous Family Favorite: Little Wife PK Uncle

Famous family favorite: little wife PK uncle
Other names: 名门豪宠:小妻PK大叔, Famous Family Favorite: Little Wife PK Uncle, Famous Family Favorite: Little Wife PK Uncle
Author: Ai Yiyao
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2018
Status: Ongoing


Her name is Song Xianyu, and his name is Ji Linyuan.
She is an orphan adopted by the Song family, and she has been on the eaves for more than ten years.
He is the current person in power of the VINCI Group, and the honour and honor of the capital business community.

…I saw it for the first time.
At her tenth birthday party, he stroked her hair with gentle eyes: “Happy birthday.”

At her eighteen-year-old adult ceremony, he presented a customized watch worth tens of millions with a calm voice: “Congratulations on your growing up.”
See you again.

She is twenty years old and he is thirty-five years old.
He saved her from the predicament, she stared into the man’s bottomless eyes in a daze, the position of her chest rattled.

Since then, her world has been filled with Ji Linyuan.
……The upper-class business circles know that the current power holder of the VINCI Group is scheming and cruel. Eleven years ago, he won the group power in one fell swoop and drastically eliminated dissidents, even his brothers.

Such a cold-tempered man, on the contrary, took good care of the orphan adopted by the Song family.
He pampers her and protects her, everything is in every detail, but he doesn’t love her.
She looked up at the man’s mature and handsome face, and summoned her courage to speak: “Linyuan envy the fish, God’s will is unforgettable, don’t you?”

He put one hand in his pocket, tapped the cigarette with his index finger, and exhorted in the tone of the elder: You are still young, so you should focus on your studies.”

She clenched her shirt tightly with both hands and knotted her tongue: “I, still young…”
He slowly forced her to be helpless, and the hot masculine breath brushed her shameful cheeks, “God’s will be overwhelming.”

… During a talk show on the Finance Channel, Mr. Ji talked about his marriage in public for the first time.
Finally, the host asked him: “Does Mr. Ji have any thoughts that he would like to say to Mrs. Ji?” The
36-year-old Mr. Ji faced the camera with a gentle smile, his deep voice was stained with gentleness: “Fortunately , When I fell in love with you, I was not old yet.”

[The famous man married: the uncle VS the little wife” Jing Boyuan VS Ye Qing Xin]


Chapter 1 Why don’t you go home so late (modified)
Chapter 2 Song Ziming is as good as a mountain for her
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