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The Eternal Love Season 2 双世宠妃2 Episode 23 Recap

Molian City went into the study and saw the eighth Lord standing at the window and solitaryly asked for the moon. The eighth Lord asked the city. On that day he saw that the separation of the previous city from the city of Meran and Taner. Will he happen in this life? Believe that Morian is yourself, and don’t want to believe in the established future. At this time, Yu Hao asked to see, and the two asked Yu Hao whether he could tell that the true eighth lord, Yu Hao was difficult to distinguish between left and right, and had to answer that he could not tell. Shishi came in hurrying and saw the two starlings in the study can’t help but hesitated. He asked the two about their childhood. Who would have expected them to answer without any flaws? Seeing fourteen can’t tell the difference. This tells him that the city of Merian is Mr. Liu.

After the disaster, Qu Xiaotan and Jing Xin managed to get rid of Qufu. While chatting, Merian City and the Eighteen Lords came in together, Jing Jing backed down with interest and interest, while Qu Xiaotan mourned in his heart. Usually one Merian City is bad enough. Now the two are coming together. Can’t stand it. The eighth lord asked Qu Xiaotan when he found the true face of Liuli, and how to distinguish between the two. Qu Xiaotan had to say that the eighth queen found that day when he found the false king, and the false king was more greasy. The eighth king assured Qu Xiaotan that when he found out the details of the city, he would definitely not give him the opportunity to bully her again.

Jing Xin and Fourteen asked Mo Liancheng to ask about his future marriage. Mo Liancheng laughed at all. He had to say that although he came from the future, he didn’t know what happened in the future. Fortunately, Yu Hao said in time that the Eighth Lord had invited him, and several people hurried to the study. In the study, the eighth Lord was opposite to the city of Merian. The eighth Lord was unaccustomed to talking to himself. The city had to put on the exaggerated human skin mask again. The eighth Lord asked three questions. If the city answered correctly, he believed that he was from the future. One was what he caught during the week. The other was the only unique place. The third was what the favorite food was. Three The questions are more private than the others, but the city of Merian really answered them, which made the eight kings have to believe this incredible thing. The eighth lord also asked what the purpose of Dongyue was at this time of Merian City. Merian City admitted frankly that he wanted to avoid the disability of his brothers caused by the throne battle.

Mo Yihuai obtained the soul ball and practiced cheats, and accidentally found a folder left by Grandpa in the cheats. When it was written that the heavens were changed, there might be a future person who changed the situation of Dongyue. This made him Suspicious sinus clusters in my heart, but I don’t know why. At this time, his subordinates came in to tell the Eighth Lord that he had a secret talk with a person who was a Liancheng in the government. In his discourse, he frequently mentioned that the Liancheng son was the future person. Die. Thinking of the clip and the secret room last night, Mo Yihuai also began to doubt whether there were actually two eight kings.

Mo Yihuai accused the emperor of Qu Linjiang’s intent to rebel, and he also specially applied the eye drops to the eight kings. He deliberately said that the eight kings arrived earlier than himself, but did not stop the Qu Linjiang in time. The eighth Lord received the news that Mo Yihuai met with him and blamed Mo Liancheng for his impulsive action last night, which may make Mo Yihuai aware of this secret. Mo Liancheng had to say everything that happened last night, but he has mysterious power and it is always possible Will make people aware.

When Mo Yihuai came to the study, the eight kings deliberately asked Qu Xiaotan to rub his shoulders for himself. He also emphasized that he must be very intimate so that Mo Yihuai would not be suspicious. Qu Xiaotan groaned in his heart and had to work hard to cooperate. After Qu Xiaotan stepped down, the grandfather really asked how the eighth grandfather learned the mysterious power.

The eighth grandfather urged that he had recently met a senior who thought the high power in the bamboo forest courtyard, and Mo Yihuai asked whether the senior was the right one. Prince Liancheng, the eighth prince pretended not to understand what he meant. At this moment, Mo Yihuai suddenly took the teapot and poured the tea, and the eighth lord unconsciously picked up the tea cup to pick it up. Mo Yihuai saw that his vision was not impaired. I was surprised that the person yesterday was indeed It’s not the eight kings. When leaving the house, Mo Yihuai met Jing Xin, and the man who blew out of her mouth was Mr. Liu Yan.

Mo Yihuai proposed to go to Xueyuan to see Liuren, who was talking to the eighth prince at this time. The eighth lord told him that Mo Yihuai had already discovered the clue, and advised him not to go far away. Liu Liu knew that he was thinking for himself, but unexpectedly agreed. Mo Yihuai met Liu Yan, and after careful examination he found that he had a face, and the rest are very similar to the eight kings.

He deliberately grabbed the snacks in Qu Xiaotan’s hands, wanted to test Liu Yan’s martial arts, and took out a box to let Liu Yan rely on Guessing what the external texture is, it’s a bit daunting, but still cleverly guesses that it is a jade seal. After Mo Yihuai left, the two saw that he had become skeptical. The eighth lord changed his previous attitude and asked Liu to stay and help himself to deal with Mo Yihuai.

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