Chachoengsao City Fort Wall in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Chachoengsao City Fort Wall located on Maruphong Road, Chachoengsao City Fort Wall was built in 1794 during the reign of King Nangklao, or King Rama III, with Prince Rakronnaret as a construction supervisor, in order to protect the city of Chachoengsao from invasions. After that, in the reign of King Chulalongkorn, or King Rama V, the army used it as the base for suppressing the Ang Yi Rebellion, which consisted of illegal Chinese opium dealers who plundered many areas of the city. In front of the fort wall is a public park where you can get a scenic view of the Bang Pakong River.

Constructed of bricks and cements, the fort wall stretches from the east to the west with a width of about one metre, a length of about 200 metres and a height of three metres. Behind the wall is a ditch. Some of the areas around the fort wall were set as a public park. Five cannons of different sizes can also be found along the wall. The length varies from 224 to 325 centimetres and the width at the muzzles from 10 to 18 centimetres. On 5 January 1954, it was registered as a national ancient monument in the Royal Thai Government Gazette Vol. 71 Part III by the Fine Arts Department.

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