Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary in Chachoengsao

This wildlife sanctuary is a designated conservation zone covering over 1,000 square kilometers of forest, where five provinces join: Chachoengsao, Chon Buri, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Sa Kaeo. Its low-lying evergreen forest is the nearest of its kind to the nation’s capital, Bangkok. Other types of forest can also be found here, including dry and moist evergreen, mixed deciduous, deciduous dipterocarp, as well as grasslands.

The diversity of fauna is a great draw for visitors, and include elephants, gaur, deer, banteng, gibbons and porcupines, as well as birds such as hornbills, kites and pittas. Waterfalls such as NamtokAng Rue Nai or Nam Bo Thong have water flowing year-round, accessible by four-wheel-drive cars and a hike. They are about 40 kilometers from the KhaoAng Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary Office.

How to get there:

  • To get there from Bangkok, from the town of Chachoengsao, take the Chachoengsao – PhanomSarakham route.
  • From AmphoePhanomSarakham, follow Highway 3245 (PhanomSarakham – Sanam Chai Khet). Merge onto Highway 3259, past AmphoeThaTakiap to Ban NongKhok, for around 50 kilometers. Take the Ban NongKhok – SaKaeo’s King AmphoeKhlong Hat route for around 20 kilometers to reach the KhaoAng Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary Office and the Chachoengsao Wildlife Research Station.
  • By bus, take the Bangkok – PhanomSarakham bus to connect to the Chachoengsao – Khlong Hat bus and get off in front of the KhaoAng Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary Office.

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