Koh Sak Island in Chonburi, Thailand

Koh Sak is a small island about 600 meters north of Koh Lan, about 10 kilometers west of Bali Hai Cape, Pattaya. Koh Sak is curved in the shape of a horseshoe, with a sandy beach. North and south of the island. Originally that Koh Sak is a family of hoteliers Chunlasap. To welcome guests to the guest house, while Ko Lan is home to most of the fishermen. Before becoming a tourist destination Nowadays, people prefer to travel to Koh Lan more, therefore, Koh Sak is still quiet and suitable for relaxation. Moreover, the nature on the island of Sak is still as perfect and beautiful as in the past. From the beach in front of Koh Sak, when walking to the back, will find shallow dive sites. It is considered a paradise island for tourists who love nature and for tourists who want to stay overnight at Ko Sak, accommodation is also available.

For the two sandy beaches of Ko Sak, located in the northern bay, the length is about 250 meters. Normally, tour boats usually park for tourists to swim in this area. Because no stones or coral were found at the beach at all And the other is the southern beach of the island. Which is opposite the first beach But there are passages This beach is a small beach about 80 meters long with coral reefs in front. Tour boats therefore often land for tourists to skis diving in this area. At the same time, the activities that attract tourists to travel on Ko Sak Island are both snorkeling and Sea Walker (Surface air supply). Using an air compressor From the water surface, send down the lines to breathe under the water. With the end of the strap having a waterproof helmet covering the head of the diver In which dive-style Sea Walker doesn’t have to learn to dive, you can go diving, you can see it under the sea. Including other water activities such as jet skiing, banana boat riding Cycling (Scooter) etc.

How to get there:

Two hours from Pattaya shore is Koh Phai Islands which under protection of Royal Navy. Surrounded its islets such as Koh Manwichai, Koh Luam and Koh-Klungbadan, visitors can enjoy swimming, diving and fishing in the far reach island hideaway of Chon Buri.

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