Kuan Yin Floating in Chachoengsao, Thailand

The Kuan Yin Floating (Sawang Sattha Thammamathan Foundation) is situated at Chachoengsao Philanthropic Association, Suppakit Road, Na Muang Sub-District. The Kuan Yin is in a standing posture with 119 centimeters high and 40 kilograms weight. It was made of Sinigar in 1997. The materials inside the statue are all in yeallow color. There is a bible in the hand of Kuan Yin which can be said that the Kuan Yin is in an attitude of holding bible. It reflects her kindheartedness as she always dedicated herself to please people equally. The Kuan Yin Floating was found by a villager while it was floating pass by Bang Pa Kong River Bridge on November 21, 1997. Later, Chanchoengsao people invited the Kuan Yin Floating to place here and this attracts lots of people to stop by and pay respect to this beautiful Kuan Yin statue.

Chachoengsao Philanthropic Association is another name of this place. And, this shrine is not like others as there are not many other gods established here. There are little statues of Kuan Yin in different postures surround the Kuan Yin Floating. Besides, other gods’ statues were placed behind.

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