Lor Tok Museum in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Lor Tok Museum is located in Bang Lao Subdistrict, in the area of the house of Lor Tok, also known as Sawong Supsamruay, a well-known comedian and a Thailand National Artist for performing arts in 1995, who passed away many years ago. Chulipon Supsamruay, Lor Tok’s wife turned a one-storey wooden house constructed on an area of 6400 square metres in Bang Lao, Khlong Kuen District, Chachoengsao into “Lor Tok Museum”. This house was also the last place where the famous comedian lived before his death.

The showcases of personal items used in his daily life such as a dumbbell and also displays documents concerning him, his photos and the posters of the films he played a role in. In addition, in the hallway in front of Lor Tok’s bedroom stands his fibreglass sculpture in plaid clothing specially made for the museum by a sculptor from Phanat Nikhom, Chon Buri. The museum is open daily from 8:30 to 16:30.

For more information, please contact Samruay Supsamruay on 0-7111-3351. Alternatively, you can contact the Office of Tourism and Sports, Chachoengsao at Chachoengsao Provincial Central Stadium (Subin Pimpayachan Stadium), Mueang Chachoengsao, Chachoengsao. Tel: 0-3851-4812 or 0-3851-5186, Fax: 0-3851-4812, Mobile: 08-9245-0090.

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