Mini Siam Museums in Chonburi, Thailand

Mini Siam locates on Sukhumvit road before Pattaya city at 143th kilometers. It is a place which gathers important places and ancient remains both in Thailand and other countries. The ratio is 1:25 in over 30 Rai or 48,000 sqare meters. In our one lifetime, it may be difficult to travel and visit every place in this world. With love in travel and fascination in paintings and architectures around the world, Mr. Kasem KasemKertsakul has an idea of minimizing the whole world into mini Siam. He has travelled and studied places around the world over 5 years before building this mini Siam.

At the gate in front of mini Siam, there are two giants welcoming tourists. When you walk inside, there are important places from many countries such as Wat Phra Sri Rattana Sadsadaram temple, victory monument, the bridge over the river Kwai, Phram 9 bridge and Pimai stone palace in Thailand and tower bridge, Eifel tower in France and the statue of liberty in USA and the pyramid in Egypt. Visiting this mini Siam is like travelling around the world. Apart from this, there is Thai traditional dancing art every day from 18.00 to 20.00. Mini Siam opens every day from 07.00 to 21.00. The admission fee is 150 baht for Thai adult and 250 baht for foreigner. For children age around 4 � 10 years old, it is 50 baht per Thai child and 120 baht per foreign child. Children who are not over 120 cm tall can enter for free. For more information, please call 0-3872-7333 and 0-372-7666 or visit

How to get there:

  • you can drive you car along Sukhumvit road. Mini Siam locates at 143th kilometer on Sukhumvit road. It is just 500 meters from Na Klue market intersection.
  • you can take a public van from Century, Victory Monument. The car leaves for Pattaya every hour. It will pass mini Siam so the travel is more convenient.

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