Nong Nooch Garden in Pattya City, Thailand

In “Pattaya” are not just beaches or islands for Tourist attractions like man-made. there is no need But what should be outstanding and well-known to both Thai and foreign tourists is “Nong Nooch Garden “, a beautiful garden that has been famous for a long time. There are many activities and a beautiful corner to take pictures together.

Suan Nong Nooch (Nong Nooch Garden) or Nong Nooch Tropical Garden was founded by Pisit and Nong Nooch Tansajjado in the year 1954 to buy 1,500 rai of land to start fruit orchards such as mangoes, oranges, coconuts, etc. Later, when traveling to see beautiful gardens overseas. Assembled as someone who likes flowers as the original capital. Therefore came to the idea of ​​arranging a garden for people to come and travel Therefore decided to change from an orchard to a garden that grows flowers and plants for tourism and relaxation With facilities such as accommodation, restaurant, swimming pool and banqueting for a full range of tourist services.

Nong Nooch Gardens, Pattaya, officially opened in 1980 with a contemporary Thai art and culture. And the knowledgeable elephant show. After that, it was given to the heirs to develop and manage. Until becoming a famous tourist destination Collecting over 18,000 tropical plants is the center of a world-class botanical garden. Under the concept of protecting trees, reducing global warming and being a garden for everyone on this planet From the day the Nong Nooch Gardens is open Until today almost 40 years, the garden has been undergoing renovation and development. Currently, people who come to visit Nong Nooch Garden Can book tickets online in advance or can buy a ticket in front of the garden. The ticket price will be divided according to the activity that is visited, such as tickets to the park only. Garden and show tickets, garden ticket, show and tram etc.

If anyone is coming to visit the Nong Nooch garden Recommend to come from morning Because there is a lot of space There are various gardens. There are many spots to see who doesn’t want to walk a lot or want to see only the highlights of the garden then there is a tram to get up The tram will cycle around Nong Nooch Park and park in the dinosaur valley. But if wanting to walk around Garden by yourself In addition to traversing the bottom Then there was a new roof overpass The distance is over 3 kilometers, allowing tourists to walk around the garden without having to experience very hot sun. Which can also see the Nong Nooch garden in a high angle view as well.

Important landmarks in Nong Nooch Gardens “French gardens” that are often seen in various media Formerly, in this area, the soil was obtained from dredging of the Nong Nooch gardens. At first it was planted as a field to the east. Later came up with the idea of ​​a geometrical shape garden from the French garden behind the Versailles palace And then bringing other architecture To decorate with additional beauty such as Tung Kradang, a replica of a red telephone booth from England, and in the same area there is a “Sala Dei” enshrining Luang Pho Suk Jai. Behind the Angel Hall is “Stonehenge Garden” that has a square stone like a stone that Stonehenge, England arranged in a circle. Behind it is “4 types of towers”, which are applied architecture from beautiful art. Modeled from Laos, Myanmar, Lanna and Bali styles.

Another corner that can be seen from the Sky Bridge is “Rope Bridge” or “Flower Garden” that displays various kinds of plants in season. There is a bridge between the flower garden and the cactus garden. On the way, there are statues decorated with white tigers, zebras, owls, kangaroos etc. In addition that the garden mentioned are also on display at the park in several points, including garden pots, palm garden, cactus garden pattern butterfly garden Europe Valley garden, azalea garden tumbling water gardens, Italian gardens, pineapple garden colors flamingo on it. There are also various animal sculpture. Which is inserted in the garden and on the way such as Meerkat, Crocodile, Walrus, Cheetah, Moose, Rabbit, Goat Mountain, Alpaca, Orangutan, Zebra etc.

Another important highlight that has just been created is the “Dinosaur Valley”. In the year 2017, Nong Nooch Gardens adjusted the area around the new French garden in the form of a valley. In order to decorate with trees and stucco By experimenting with creating the first dinosaur in the garden which is Triceratops It turns out that there are tourists who like and are interested in taking pictures. Therefore, Nong Nooch Garden created this valley to become a dinosaur valley. Under the idea that All dinosaurs are based on references, the most similar appearance possible Species must be as diverse and as true as possible. The same size as fossils that are actually recorded. In the dinosaur valley, there are more than 40 dinosaur statues scattered at various points in the valley, like creating the extinct species to come back to life again and is a place of learning about ancient animals that are easy to understand, complete and the largest in Thailand.

Aside from walking around the beautiful gardens, Nong Nooch Gardens also has 2 interesting shows: “Contemporary Thai Art and Culture” with a mixture of dance And martial arts On the spectacular backdrop, such as the four-part dance, drums, Iuthheete, etc. Another performance is “The intelligent elephant show” that can enjoy the show of the intelligent elephant in Nong Nooch Park Kicking football, basketball drawing, dancing, walking across people With performances 4 times a day. Who would come to visit the Nong Nooch Gardens Recommend to come from the morning And may spend the day in the garden all day If you want to see all the spots Since the garden has a large area There are many beautiful photo spots and other activities. To do other than walk Watch various shows And also cycling around the garden Feeding the giant snakehead fish Cycling Elephant trekking, etc.

“Nong Nooch Garden” is located at Na Chom Thian Subdistrict, Sattahip District, Chonburi. Open daily from 08.00-17.30 hrs. Admission to the park is 200 baht. Admission to the park + cultural and cultural performances and intelligent elephants 500 baht. Tel. 0-3823-8061-63

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