Phra Chuthathut Ratchathan Museum in Chonburi, Thailand

Phra Chuthathut Ratchathan locate on Si Chang Island, Phra Chuthathut Ratchathan Palace is the only palace in Thailand located on the island. It was named after Prince Chuthathut who was born here. He was the son of King Rama V who loved to visit here and ordered to build a palace compound around the southern side of the island. The compound started building in 1889 to be a summer palace for royal members. But all the constructions were ceased as Thailand and French relationship got strain as France invaded the island which led to the cancelation of all construction in 1892. Nowadays, visitors can enjoy the beautiful buildings that blend in between Thai and western architectural including Phra Chuthathut Ratchathan Palace that stretching off shore to the sea.

Phra Jutha Thot was the first palace on the island And the only place in Thailand Created in the Year 1892 with the intention to be a royal residence for the summer. Inside there will be a pond. There are many ponds. Since most areas are rocky Unable to store much water From past information, it shows that there are 4 royal palaces, 14 palaces, 8 gates in the palace, a flower garden, a resting pavilion, a pond, a pond, a ladder, and each building has its name because it corresponds with a marble sign. Named Like the name of the ladder, the name is consistent with the name of the stone. Such as quartz teeth Agate Staircase Light stone stairs, etc. The royal palace, various palaces Is a name associated with angels, angels and jewels such as the Mekhala Mansion Pratuksa Kongket Palace Shining royal palace Fresh ruby ​​palace, etc.

Business hours: In the various buildings Will be open Tuesday – Sunday (closed Monday) from 9.00 – 17.00 hrs, but other than that time. Able to walk in the area of ​​the royal palace Like in the morning There are many people walking, running, and biking.

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