The Crown Property Bureau in Chachoengsao, Thailand

The Crown Property Bureau is located at Marupong Road, Tambol Nar Muang, in the city of Chachoengsao. It is an old building with the western architecture style built in year 1903 on the bank of Bangpakong River. In year 1963, it was a former Central Hall of Chachoengsao and also used to be the Central Hall of the Chachoengsao subdistrict municipality. In the present, it is used as the Crown Property Bureau of Chachoengsao. The Fine Arts Department announced this place as an ancient remain in year 1977.

The trademark of the Crown Property Bureau is the Garuda with a crown on the head of the Garuda with a fabric silk below with the name of the Crown Property Bureau on it. This bureau has been concerned with the development of the democracy in Thailand since a long time ago. Moreover, it also plays an important role in supporting the sustainable development in Thailand.

The Crown Property Bureau is founded under the Royal Assets Structuring Act of 1936 (number 1). According to the Act, the property is divided into crown property, His Majestys personal assets, and public property which will be in the responsibility of Finance Minister. This Bureau is equivalent to the Finance Minister and was transferred many authorities from the Finance Minister. This Bureau also uses the premises of the Finance Minister. Then, the Royal Assets Structuring Act was amended for the second time in year 1941 and the third time in year 1948. After that, the Crown Property Bureaus status was then elevated to a juristic person responsible for supervising, preserving and managing the crown property.

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