Toei Ngam Beach in Chonburi, Thailand

Toei Ngam Beach is located at the Marine bay in Sattahip, Chonburi. It is one place to relax place, quiet and safe. You can swim with a watchtower. Their are security officers and including the Center for Assisting Water Victims Providing convenience and good care. The rows of toei plants (Pandanus kaida Kurz) is the origin of the beach name. Apart from beautiful beach and tranquil atmosphere, attractions here are also includes a naval museum and monument situated on the northern side of this seaside. Toei Ngam Beach is under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy.

Youcan see Toei Ngam beach with a wide courtyard stretching along the curve of the bay, gradually sloping down into the sea. Also can walk to Ko Kai which located in the bottom of the bay. Seen with the eyes that Toei Ngam Beach is a very clean beach. Maybe because in the royal area Therefore has been looked after and strictly supervised the discipline of the water players.

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