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Wat Chin Prachasamoson Temple in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Wat Chin PrachaSamoson, or WatLengHok Yi, is a Chinese temple of the Mahayana Buddhist sect. It is an extension of another temple, WatLengNoei Yi, in Bangkok. Built in 1906, King Rama V himself gave the temple its name during a visit to PrachinBuri Circle to open a railway line. The temple’s Chinese name means “dragon of luck and fortune”. Wat Chin PrachaSamoson was built according to the principles of the ancient art of FengShui, with the temple at the “dragon’s stomach”, the “dragon’s head” at its sister temple, WatLengNoei Yi in Bangkok, and the “dragon’s tail” at WatLengHua Yi in Chanthaburi. The trio of temples’ locations speak to the affluence of surrounding areas, Yaowarat – the trading district; Paet Rio – the food and plants district, and Chanthaburi, the city of gems.

Four guardian gods stand watch over the entrance. Three main Buddha images as well as 18 others are housed at the temple. A one-ton giant bell believed to represent prayer, statues of Chinese deities and other sacred shrines are contained within the temple grounds. Temple is open from 8.00 am-5.00 pm daily.

How to get there:

The temple, located on TanonSupphakit, Tambon Ban Mai, AmphoeMueang, Chachoengsao,

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