Wat Phayakkha Intharam Temple in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Wat Phayakkha Intharam (Wat Chedi) is a temple located in Ban Mai Subdistrict. According to the inscription on a silver sheet found at the crack in Kho Rakhang, a part under a stupa’s harmika, of the temple’s large chedi, the temple was built in the reign of King Chulalongkorn by Suea, also known as Phra Kriangkrai Krabuanyut, Deputy Governor of Chachoengsao, and In, his wife. The Chedi was the first structure to be built. The construction began in 1873 and was completed in 1875. The construction of the temple was completed later in 1881. Considered an old temple, it is registered as an ancient monument by the Fine Arts Department on 23 September 1982. Interesting things in the temple include a huge chedi, two small chedis, the shrine of the Buddha’s footprint, Ubosot and the bell tower.

The large chedi contains the Buddha’s and Arhats’ relics. It is said that previously, there used to be a couple of rows of small monks’ houses with monks’ canteen and a sermon hall, called Sala Din, located in the middle. These buildings no longer exist nowadays. The rows of monks’ houses were demolished and larger new monks’ houses were constructed.

With the Ecclesiastical Provincial Governor of Chachoengsao staying at the temple, Wat Phayakkha Intharam was considered a major temple. Each year, there were no fewer than 30 to 60 monks and novices staying here. After that, without any renovation, it became so worn out that it looked like an abandoned temple with lots of high grass. In 1929, however, Phra Khru Arunratsami (Pin), who moved from Wat Sampathuan to Wat Phayakkha Intharam and became an abbot here, started renovation. He himself was an architect who designed several structures in the temple and was a supervisor of the construction. He also had worn out structures demolished and had some buildings renovated and transformed. The results of this huge renovation are still seen today through many structures of the temple.

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