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Rebirth of the spoiled and poisonous girl

Rebirth of the spoiled and poisonous girl
Other names: 重生之溺宠无双毒女, Rebirth of the Incomparable Poisonous Girl, Rebirth of the Poisonous Poisonous Girl, Rebirth of the Peerless Poisonous Girl, 重生之溺宠无双毒女最新章节列表
Author: Ai Yiyao
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2018
Status: Ongoing


In the previous life, Mei Nongchen was the treasure in the palm of his father, and he was very much loved. But he was humiliated to death by his sister and husband, and his father and children were persecuted. She can’t stand her eyes! When I opened my eyes again, I went back to five years ago, and there was an extra master who taught spells by his side. Since then embarked on the road of cultivation. In this life, she is no longer weak to be deceived, she wants to reach the pinnacle of the strong step by step. Don’t run away from the scumbag, the ruthless mother, and the poisonous girl! A fat baby was accidentally dropped from the sky, which made up for the pain of losing a child.

Unexpectedly, the little doll who had worked hard for a year suddenly became the mysterious Lengao president of Chuangshi Group! It’s still a good mana. It’s just—this guy is too dark, and he excuses her to accompany her in practice to help her get revenge and wipe her away. Even more spoiled her in every possible way. She was seriously injured in an accident, and that guy put all his power to save her from the hands of death. When he was weak, he was captured by the gods of heaven. To save him, she had to set foot on the Nine Heavens. Unexpectedly-secrets one by one


Chapter 1 Curse with soul
Chapter 2 Fortunately to be reborn
Chapter 3 Beat the second scum
Chapter 4 Master evildoer
Chapter 5 whether it is biological
Chapter 6 Cold noodle servant
Chapter 7 Barren space
Chapter 8 Lingzhu screams
Chapter 9 Frozen Beauty
Chapter 10 Nude beauty
Chapter 11 Break away from the bones
Chapter 12 late stage of Ning Yuan
Chapter 13 Strange Baby from Heaven
Chapter 14 My son
Chapter 15 Cold face doll
Chapter 16 mouth is too smelly
Chapter 17 innocence is ruined
Chapter 18 You eat shit
Chapter 19 Missing every day
Chapter 20 Devour supernatural power
Chapter 21 Deity comes
Chapter 22 She is calling you
Chapter 23 The master opens up
Chapter 24 Wind two Bel
Chapter 25 Fairy killer moves
Chapter 26 Playing hooligan?
Chapter 27 Stunning colors in the painting
Chapter 28 Jizhongzangji
Chapter 29 Serial kills
Chapter 30 Mysterious VIP
Chapter 31 Vent for her
Chapter 32 I have no choice but to you
Chapter 33 I will be responsible
Chapter 34 Hard to chase his wife
Chapter 35 Return of the Demon Body
Chapter 36 Give a sword to make love
Chapter 37 I’m so handsome
Chapter 38 Father every day
Chapter 39 The East Window Incident
Chapter 40 the same person
Chapter 41 Mei’s family disaster started
Chapter 42 Misfortunes rise and fall
Chapter 43 Feeling lost
Chapter 44 something happened to her
Chapter 45 Twelve Blood Fiends
Chapter 46 Fengge Power
Chapter 47 The last trick
Chapter 48 Do your best
Chapter 49 End the hatred
Chapter 50 Before the ascension
Chapter 51 Fall into the darkness
Chapter 52 Reincarnation of the God King
Chapter 53 Faceless Cloud Green
Chapter 54 Wangyi Pavilion! !
Chapter 55 The name of the god king
Chapter 56 Disciple’s daughter
Chapter 57 Call of Weeping Blood
Chapter 58 Let go of obsession
Chapter 59 Little God and Strong
Chapter 60 Chuanglinggu Tower 1
Chapter 61 Chuanglinggu Tower 2
Chapter 62 Chuanglinggu Tower 3
Chapter 63 Chuanglinggu Tower 4
Chapter 64 Chuanglinggu Tower 5
Chapter 65 Memory of God King
Chapter 66 Seize the house! Soul Eater!
Chapter 67 How dare he choose a concubine? (1)
Chapter 67 How dare he choose a concubine? (2)
Chapter 68 We are your people
Chapter 69 The life experience of dog blood
Chapter 70 Reunion in the middle of the night
Chapter 71 vomiting blood out of anger
0071: vomiting blood out of anger
Chapter 72 Women don’t understand the suffering of men
0072: Women don’t understand the suffering of men
Chapter 73 First entry to Miró Palace
Chapter 74 Fake Phoenix Sword
Chapter 75 I am your sister’s man
Chapter 76 Kill me!
Chapter 77 He likes shameless women!
Chapter 78 My little one
Chapter 79 The boat of friendship, overturned
Chapter 80 Shameless
Chapter 81 Concubine selection ceremony, the golden phoenix spreads its wings
Chapter 82 I love you
Chapter 83 hire for ten miles, pay debts from father to daughter
Chapter 84 I want to leave after molesting?
Chapter 85 The image of the gods collapsed!
Chapter 86 You are finally mine
Chapter 87 Will you dare next time?
Chapter 88 This forest is wonderful, let’s try
Chapter 89 Put a soft pillow next time
Chapter 90 Into the demon world, Bai Liyu
Chapter 91 Lord of the Demon City
Chapter 92 The access order to enter the devil’s palace
Chapter 93 I can cure the disease of the devil concubine
Chapter 94 Bel’s fateful disc
Chapter 95 Excited or not, try to find out
Chapter 96 Go and save him!
Chapter 97 Rescue Bel
Chapter 98 Have they ever found me?
Chapter 99 The Return of the Demon Prince
Chapter 100 The coffin after the thick cloud
Chapter 101 Punishment with flogging to assault you
Chapter 102 Husband and wife join hands
Chapter 103 The monster in the coffin
Chapter 104 The Walking Dead
Chapter 105 Well, listen to the daughter-in-law
Chapter 106 Do you want revenge?
Chapter 107 Reveal the crime
Chapter 108 I hate you so much!
Chapter 109 Jiuzhu Tianying
Chapter 110 Lord God King!
Chapter 111 Finale (1)
Chapter 112 Finale (2)
Fanwai: Chapter Two
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