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Chapter 1 Past and Present

Li Qian, forty-three years old, female gender, is now a typical contract worker in a mechanic workshop. She has no children under her knees. She has been married twice and divorced twice. Sometimes when Li Qian is exhausted physically and mentally, lying in her rented house, she will recall her life, her loved ones who loved her. And the two marriages she lost.

The deepest thing in Li Qian’s impression was that tough man, although he said few words, he was really kind to her sincerely. But Li Qianque always complained that Luo Jiangang went out early and returned late, complained that Luo’s family had treated him badly, complained that Luo Jiangang was a boring gourd, and complained that his parents and brother did not stand on his side to support him in the end.

Now think about it, at that time I was too small, thinking that the whole world was revolving around me.

Before getting married, I was spoiled and loved by my parents and my elder brother. I don’t know that people’s heart is sinister. Those scheming and methods are really vicious, and it is normal for me to be unable to parry at that time.

In the memory, Luo Jiangang was driven away by his ignorance. If I didn’t listen to other people’s slander, didn’t quarrel with Luo Jiangang so fiercely, for so long, and didn’t believe in Luo Jiangang wholeheartedly, I wouldn’t force Luo Jiangang to divorce myself. Luo Jiangang would not marry the army commander’s daughter under pressure.

Fortunately, at that time, I thought that Li Wei’s art soldier was a good one, and came to my face to persuade him. In the end, my own way is shallow, the more I listened to her persuasion, the more I felt that Luo Jiangang and Li Wei were struggling.

I won the fight, but I also lost half of my life.

Later, it was scattered to hear that Luo Jiangang married Li Wei under the pressure of Li Wei’s father of the army commander. The two had a daughter soon after they got married. Luo Jiangang later gave birth to a military commander, which was considered a double harvest in the family business.

After divorcing Luo Jiangang, Li Qian found a shopping mall in the city to sell clothes for other people. After earning a little money, he met a small boss named Liu Qiang.

Liu Qiang is a man who has been married once. Liu Qiang’s ex-wife left him with a three-year-old daughter named Liu Jia.

After Liu Qiang and Li Qian met, Liu Qiang pursued Li Qian for half a year. Li Qian felt that Liu Qiang was a good person, and they could be together, so they got married.

When they first got married, the relationship between the two people was still good. Liu Qiang basically followed Li Qian in everything, but Liu Qiang’s daughter Liu Jia couldn’t bear to dislike Li Qian.

Liu Qiang prefers Liu Jia, and Liu Jia is at odds with Li Qian. Li Qian always quarrels with Liu Qiang because of the discordant relationship between stepmother and stepdaughter. At first, Liu Qiang tried to persuade him on both sides. Later, Liu Qiang became bored with Li Qian. The two divorced after quarreling.

After the divorce, Li Qian realized her stupidity and the rules of the game in this world.

After the divorce, Li Qian had already praised some money in her hand. At that time, she heard that there was a great possibility that she would succeed in doing business in the sea, so she went to the sea with the army. When I got to M City, I didn’t have any way to go. People who walked along the streets also met some people, and found that the home furnishing market was huge, so I started the home furnishing industry.

In the beginning, I followed to buy furniture. Later, I might have some talents, so I tried to design some homes. I climbed up bit by bit, and finally became a ten-thousand yuan household. Then I started a life of going north and south, wanting to be independent and not working for others. I have a lot of contact with it, and it is very complicated. I realized that my primary school education level is too low, and I also learned some knowledge to enrich myself. Although not that proficient and not much cultural, but sometimes I also deal with foreigners and know some English. I opened a company and expanded overseas trade. It was a smooth journey. In those years, I dealt with people who were as slick as loach. Some small stumblings were not considered at all. No matter how many years it was, it was not for nothing.

The economic development of M City is also really fast. With the experience accumulated over the years, although it is not a leader in the home furnishing industry, it is really eye-catching. After all, a woman is alone in this side.

It may be that the recent changes have been too frequent and have become more and more intense. Li Qian also realized that she might be too eye-catching. So he withdrew all his funds, dispatched the goods owed as quickly as possible, and evacuated M City after recovering his payment.

Later, when I walked from the south to the north, the arrogant energy was not suppressed, but some tendency became stronger and stronger. Who makes himself richer than before. I want to go back to my hometown and let Liu Qiang have a look, let Liu Qiang’s daughter Liu Jia see, I don’t have to be angry with them anymore, I am also a rich man. I also want Luo Jiangang to see that he can’t give it to himself. I, Li Qian, earn it back. I don’t need you anymore. What if you marry the army commander’s daughter? This is an era of riches and masters.

Li Qian returned to her hometown, left one hundred thousand yuan for her parents and brother, and then left. Now this 100,000 yuan is really nothing to Li Qian, but it is an astronomical figure for the parents of the rural hometown. Li Qian’s father Li Dazhu and Li Qianniang Wu Aijuan originally divorced Li Qian and Luo Jiangang, and later married and divorced Liu Qiang for so many years. They are already very angry and powerless at their daughter’s willfulness. After the news that there was no daughter for many years, from the initial grief and anger to the helplessness later, even if the daughter-in-law was well-behaved, she gave birth to a grandson in their family, but the mood of the two elders was not changed.

Sometimes when Er Laoquan doesn’t have that daughter, the feeling of missing him makes people feel weak.

After so many years, seeing my daughter goodbye, that feeling of longing and fear came out. The daughter went back to her natal home beautifully and brought so much money to the two elders. She had doubts in her heart, but she didn’t ask. I just listened to my daughter telling me that when I arrived in M ​​City, I started my own business and made money, and now I have to go back to my hometown to work hard again and leave, and I didn’t wait until my sister-in-law came home.

After returning to the city, Li Qian began to work in her own profession-home furnishing.

When his career was booming, Liu Qiang was greedy and posted again. How could a company with an unstable foundation overwhelm Liu Qiang’s local snake? Because of a batch of goods, Li Qian was eager to achieve success and invested most of the money in her hands. Now she has lost so much and has no capital to turn over. Li Qian knew who did it, but she couldn’t help it. All of her contacts are in M ​​City, which is beyond reach. After the workers’ wages were paid, they returned to their hometowns.

After returning home, Li Qian realized that there was a problem with her attitude towards life, so she begged her brother to find herself a job in a mechanic repair factory. Although she was a contract worker, she did a solid job and started a down-to-earth life.

Although I was very tired every day, I gradually realized that I lacked IQ, lacked emotional intelligence, and lacked strength. I feel that I have no advantages at all, but there are a lot of disadvantages. It feels like life is like a dead fish, and there is no fun at all.

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