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Chapter 2 Rebirth

Li Qian opened her eyes and found that she was familiar with her surroundings. There was a yellow light bulb hanging from the white roof, and some yellowed walls showed the oldness of the house. The typical wooden-framed windows in the 1980s and everything familiar around them all proclaim that Li Qian is now living in the army’s family yard.

Li Qian is really familiar with this place, a little ignorant from the bed. Sitting up, he found that his hands were not so dry and his body was much slender. Suddenly Li Qian jumped off the bed, rushed into the bathroom, looked at herself in the mirror, and found that she was born again.

This is what I look like when I was nineteen years old. At that time, I was married to Luo Jiangang for less than two years. And I divorced at the age of 20, which means that I still face the risk of divorce in about half a year.

No, I must put an end to this kind of thing!

Looking up at the weather outside, the wicker has just sprouted, and the grass on the ground does not seem to have broken the soil.

It is March, and she remembers that Luo Jiangang was out before the Chinese New Year. Luo Jiangang will be back in May, but he will be injured. The reason for their divorce also has a lot to do with him. She needs to seize this opportunity. , To save their marriage.

Li Qian looked at Ling in the room. Chaos, thinking of my previous life, I was too lazy. I only knew that I was asking for money with Luo Jiangang, and I didn’t care about other housework. Even his clothes were washed by Luo Jiangang after returning from training at night, and the two of them have been sleeping in separate rooms.

Li Qian knew that her husband’s distance and indifference was caused by her own reasons, and now think about it, she was really insatisfied at the time.

Soak all the dirty clothes together first. He picked up the basin and fetched water, rinsed the rag and started wiping the table.

Ling on the table. Meals that haven’t been eaten at noon are arranged chaotically, and there are a lot of unwashed dishes and chopsticks, some of which are already faintly smelly. God, my past self was so sloppy. In the past, in order to please Liu Qiang and his daughter Liu Jia during the second marriage, he forced himself to clean up the house and cook all the time, but it was cheaper now.

I cleaned up the table and started cleaning the glass. It took half an hour to clean the windows. Nodded in satisfaction at the window, then turned around and went to the bathroom to wash the clothes. I called my belly after washing my clothes. Look at the sky outside, it’s already dark.

After searching in the kitchen for a long time, only two potatoes and one cabbage were found, and the rice noodles and seasonings were also pitiful.

No, I can only dig out a little rice and steam the rice. Then take the potatoes, peel them, slice them, and soak them in water. Then wash the cabbage clean and save half of it for use. Cut the other half into shreds and put it in the wok to make a dry stir-fried cabbage. After the pot is up, fish out the soaked potato chips and put them in the washed pot to make a homemade potato chip. At this time the rice was also steamed, put the vegetable rice on the table, and began to eat the first meal of this rebirth.

While eating, I’m wondering where else needs to be cleaned up, whether to be lazy today and continue tomorrow, or to clean up tonight.

After I finished eating and brushing the dishes, I found that my whole body was inexhaustible. I washed and dried the clothes and sheets, and wiped them inside and out. Only then did I nod in satisfaction and turned to take a shower. The bed is ready to go to bed.

Lying in bed. Li Qian thought about what state she would like to meet the next thing. Luo Jiangang will be back in about a week. She wants to go to the hospital to see him and take care of him. Since Luo Jiangang is not good at expressing, then it is up to him to tolerate his bad words. Li Qian thought, love starts with her, and then starts at home.

Early the next morning, Li Qian got up and walked to the closet, opened the closet, and most of the things in it were bright colors. Li’s clothes, the simplest color should be the blue gown. Li Qian always liked those bright colors. Li’s clothes, like to dress herself. From the perspective of people at this time, it is a typical village girl. When I first entered the compound, I uploaded the red double-breasted cotton-padded jacket, plus a good navy blue trousers, matched with a green scarf, and the two braids made of two red ropes. Chest. Although it was neat, it also received a lot of ridicule.

Reaching out and putting on the blue gown and the navy blue pants in the big closet, looking at the clothes on her body, it really didn’t catch her. After all, he has been a boss in his previous life, and he has also been at the forefront of fashion. Secretly determined to make a decent dress again.

After packing, Li Qian walked to the place where she was in the car and waited for the car based on her memory. When I arrived at the stop sign, I saw a few soldiers who lived in the compound together, so they stepped forward and greeted them actively: “Sister Li, Sister Wang, Sister Zhang, you also want to go shopping in the city?” Around a woman.

Several women were taken aback when they heard Li Qian’s greeting, and then Sister Li stepped forward and said, “Sister Li is going out too?”

“Yes, Sister Li. The food at home is not enough, I’m going to buy some. “Li Qian lowered her head embarrassedly and said.

The three women were shocked when they looked at Li Qian. Although Li Qian had not been in the family hospital for a long time, her reputation was very loud. When the woman went to the family yard, she pierced Luo Jiangang’s nose and eyes, and everyone who was yelling could hear her. Later, I heard that Li Qian’s husband, Chief Camp Luo, ate in the cafeteria every day, and that Camp Chief Luo was also cooking when he came home. Moreover, they are ignorant of other military sisters-in-law, and they also mock others for a long time. People in the yard are reluctant to talk to her. What happened to Li Qian today?

Seeing Li Qian’s appearance, Wang’s sister-in-law didn’t seem to be joking,

so she said, ” Sister , why don’t you wait for Captain Luo to buy it, or ask the troops to go out to buy and bring it back for you?” Hearing Wang’s sister-in-law said that, Li Qian felt even more shameless. , I also wanted to save my face, saying, “My family is not at home during this period, and I have thought a lot about it myself. I feel that we still have to support our women in living this life. He is not as careful about housework as I am.”

“What you said is right. The man is training outside for a day, so hard. If we are daughters-in-law and don’t know how to be sensible, then this house won’t be called home.” Sister-in-law Wang saw that Li Qian spoke sincerely. The above premise points one or two, after all, it is better to live in harmony and beauty.

Brother Zhang, who has never spoken, also said, “Yes, the women in our village guard the house, men, and parents-in-law every day,” and then smiled shyly and said, “There will be children in the future.”

“Haha, we women Isn’t there such a thing in this life.” Sister-in-law Zhang smiled heartily.

Although Li Qian wanted to change her image and build a good relationship with the military sisters-in-law of the family hospital, she did not like to hear these specious words. After all, life is for oneself to see. They have never spoken to each other.

At this moment, Li Qian looked up and saw the car coming, and said, “The car is coming, let’s get in the car.”

In the car, sister-in-law Zhang and sister-in-law Wang sat together, and Li Qian and sister Zhang made separate works. A location. In order not to continue talking about the previous topic with the three women, I stayed a little farther away from them.

After getting off the car, Li Qian didn’t go with the three of them, saying that she wanted to stroll around first.

The three looked at each other and felt that the current Li Qian was still the previous Li Qian, no change at all. When you go out, you just know to buy some messy things. Li Qian was left alone. Went on my own.

Li Qian got out of the car and wandered in the market alone. The market has not yet formed a large scale, and many places are messy. Li Qian walked to see what the nearby businesses were selling, and bought some vegetables by the way.

Li Qian walked to a booth selling cloth and planned to buy some cloth for body clothes.

“Boss, please bring me the dark blue cloth next to me.” Li Qian pointed at the cloth on the table that was a little farther away.

“Good.” The boss took the cloth and recommended to Li Qian with a smile, “Look at this cloth, it’s a new product the day before yesterday. It’s pure cotton, it feels so good and comfortable.”

Li Qian took the cloth and asked the price, which was good. He planned to buy three and a half feet. Make a suit for Luo Jiangang, and make a coat for yourself. When I looked up, I found a pile of cloth strips of different sizes in it. I rolled my eyes, and I didn’t know what I was thinking, and said to the salesman, “Boss, do you sell the cloth strips?”

“Those cloth strips are of no use at all. Girl, give me fifty cents if you want it.” The boss rubbed his hands and said to Li Qian in a naive way.

“Well, wrap up all the cloth strips for me, and then pull the cloth three and a half feet for me.” Li Qian pointed to the cloth strips and the navy blue cloth on her hand.

“Good.” After paying the money and buying the cloth, Li Qian was in a great mood. Looking at the large cloth bags in his hand, he walked towards the place where the food was sold.

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