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Chapter 3 Preliminary Ideas

Let’s not mention Li Qian, who is buying food here. The sister-in-law of the Li family and the three of them were talking about Li Qian as they walked, “This Battalion Commander’s lover today looks less arrogant than before, and I don’t know if he has changed his temper. “I’m done.” Li’s sister-in-law said while holding the basket on her arm, holding it at the vegetable stall.

“I don’t see much change.” The Wang family stabs the Li sister-in-law with an arm, and said with a low voice, “If I say she is so prodigal all day long, Luo Ying will have to divorce him sooner or later.”

“Don’t talk nonsense ,” the Li family Sister-in-law stopped picking vegetables in her hand and continued to say to Sister-in-law Wang, “No matter how this is also a military marriage, it is not so easy to say divorce and divorce. Besides, if they really do, they will live with Chief Luo in the future? “The wife of the Li family’s wife is Li Shengguo, the head of the army, and she still has a certain degree of prestige when she speaks among several people.

Wang’s sister-in-law curled her lips and said nothing. The brothers and sisters of the Zhang family who were picking the dishes on the side also did not say anything, and weighed the selected dishes to the hawker.

“Actually, it would be nice if Captain Luo’s lover really lived with Captain Luo this time.” The sister-in-law of the Li family who had settled the bill turned to the two and continued, “In this way, our old Li doesn’t have to always worry about that kid. “The

two nodded, and both agreed and said yes.

Li Qian, who had finished buying food, looked at these things in her hands, and knew that she would not be able to go shopping for a few days. Sighing, I actually don’t know much about the current market conditions. Before, Li Qian just went out shopping and bought some messy things.

On the way back to wait for the bus, Li Qian once again sorted out her own thoughts, and did not wait for the Li’s sister-in-law and they met with a place alone.

Li Qian, who arrived home, put her things down and sat at the table to organize. Hearing a knock on the door, he got up and opened the door. He was a seventeen or eighteen-year-old soldier. As soon as the door was opened, the little soldier raised his hand to salute and said, “Sister-in-law, are you the lover of Battalion Luo?”

“Yes, please come in soon.” Li Qian opened the door wide and let the little soldier in. I wondered why little soldiers came to her house at this time.

“No need for sister-in-law” The little soldier waved his hand quickly, “It is Battalion Commander Luo. Commander Luo is injured on the front line. He is now receiving treatment in a military hospital. The leader asked me to tell you.”

The news shocked Li Qian. How could someone specifically tell him the news of Luo Jiangang’s injury?

“When did he come back? How was his injury?” Li Qian asked.

“I don’t know this well, sister-in-law, if I brought it here, I still have things to do.” The little soldier saluted and left.

Li Qian, who closed the door, felt a little uneasy. In my memory, Luo Jiangang was injured in early May, but it is only mid-April, half a month earlier. And no one came to tell her that Luo Jiangang was injured. It was Li Wei who came to the house and said that before he was discharged from the hospital. Could it be said that Luo Jiangang’s injury this time is not the same as his previous injury?

Li Qian, who was sitting in a chair alone, wondered for a long time and didn’t figure out what was going on. He took the newly bought things today, put the newly bought rice and vegetables in the kitchen, and then sat down and looked at the cloth and cloth strips. After thinking about it, put the fabric away. Now she doesn’t know Luo Jiangang’s size, and she herself is not in a hurry to wear it.

In fact, Li Qian bought this rag to make some fabric coasters and foot pads. In this era, people with money will like these items with a little bourgeoisie plot. It’s just that it takes more time to knit this thing, and you have to match the colors yourself. But these are not difficult for Li Qian. When Li Qian made home furnishings, she also learned some handicrafts, including this fabric.

Li Qian first picked up the brush and drew some styles she knew, and then chose the color scheme, and finally decided on several styles. Feeling a little hungry, Li Qian looked up at her watch and found that it was already past five o’clock in the afternoon, no wonder some sunsets were falling.

I made dinner for myself, and after eating and drinking, Li Qian went back to the bedroom table and wanted to write a plan.

At the beginning, Li Qian wanted to take those fabric products to the market to peddle, but when I went around from the market this morning, I found that there were no such things at all. Basically all of them were life foods like firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. Occasionally, there is a company that sells fabrics and pots and pans, but they can’t escape the words necessities of life.

Outside the market, the crowds in those shops are bustling with few customers. Most of them are married women and people who are not very wealthy. Occasionally, watching beautiful and fashionable women passing by, I didn’t notice them peeking inside.

Li Qian knew that here are basically some honest duties, keeping the house. Fashionable girls and ladies who can decorate the house are basically not coming here. Even if it’s the babysitter at home or passing by.

It seems that I have to go outside to investigate the market situation. When Li Qian was selling clothes in the market, he also sold low-grade clothes. I haven’t seen any ladies from high-end families, and I don’t know where they all like to go, and it’s a lot of them to come back here. Years later, and did not stay for a few days.

Li Qian needs to go outside to find out about the nearby shopping malls and current trends. She used to write plans often, but always do some market research.

After thinking about the next plan, Li Qian didn’t write, so the plan was put on hold.

Turned around, took a shower, and went to bed comfortably.

Early the next morning, the troop’s wake-up call rang, and Li Qian followed suit. Looking at the foggy weather outside, I knew that today would not be a good weather.

Li Qian, who had packed herself up, was making rice porridge, and suddenly thought of Luo Jiangang’s patient in the hospital.

There should be many doctors and nurses around Luo Jiangang, after all, Luo Jiangang’s appearance is quite good.

The porridge was cooked, and another side dish was fried, and I sat on the table and started to eat.

After tidying up the things on the table, Li Qian planned to go out to inquire about the locations of those shopping malls.

Sitting in the car, Li Qian had been thinking about Luo Jiangang’s injury, and she was still worried about him. After all, it was her husband, and she wanted to cherish and live a generation of people in her life.

Li Qian didn’t know why Luo Jiangang was injured this time, and what the specific injuries were. However, Luo Jiangang just sent someone to tell her about the injury and was hospitalized, and didn’t let anyone notify her and let her go to the hospital to take care of him.

But Luo Jiangang was a bored person, he might want her to take care of herself, but he couldn’t put down his face.

Thinking of this, Li Qian’s heart is a little bit divided. She understands him, so she should be more considerate and take the initiative.

When Li Qian got out of the car, she walked lightly, and Li Qian trained her memory in the small market where she had sold clothes before.

It’s a small shopping mall, but it looks like a modern vegetable market. The entrance is the whole hall. There is a roof above the hall. There are rows of stalls. Behind each stall is a small house. Each piece is sold in an orderly manner. On the ceiling, there are vegetables, seafood, etc. to distinguish them. Come on, it won’t be the same as yesterday’s market. The chaotic phenomenon of selling toys is next to the vegetables.

Rotating around and around, I saw a young middle-aged woman who sells fish, about twenty-five or sixty years old, and said to the woman who sold fish, “Sister, is this a newly caught fish? ? “

Sister see a young girl, opening Xiaohe He said,” this is new this morning from the beach and pulled up the bass, the fresh blanket. ” “

that’s my sister to get this right, “Li Qian pointed to one of the Said the bigger one.

The eldest sister said with a smile.

Li Qian squatted down and said to the fish seller, “Sister, please help me clean up the scales and internal organs. I won’t do this myself.” The

eldest sister responded, and then told Li Qian about the fish. And price.

Li Qian continued, “Sister, have you been selling fish here for many years? Your technique is really skilled.

“Yes, you have been selling fish here for four years. “

The eldest sister, let me ask you, is there a mall here?” “Li Qian began to get to the point.

“Sister, are you buying clothes?” Just go up to the front street, there are all in a row. “The eldest sister pointed out the direction in front.

“It’s not the eldest sister, my husband is celebrating his birthday. I want to buy him a watch, but I don’t know where to buy it.” “

Listening Li Qian said that she wanted to buy a watch, the fish seller understood that this girl wanted to buy more high-end things. Then she knew that the street in front was not suitable, and that street was selling cheap clothes to tidy up, and there was no watch. Sell.

“Then when you get out of here, walk two blocks south, and you will see a Friendship Shopping Center. It is a three-story building, and there should be watch sellers in it. “While

talking, the fish seller tidied up the fish on her hand, and Li Qian reached out and handed her the money. After saying thank you, she went straight to the mall.

The mall was less than five minutes walk away from this small mall . Minutes.

After going around the mall twice, Li Qian had a general idea in her heart, knowing what direction she needs to go next, she returned to the small mall, bought some big bones and some side dishes, and went home. .

Going to the gate of the compound nodded to the little soldier standing guard at the gate, and walked over with a smile. The little soldier was the little soldier who came to tell Li Qian that Luo Jiangang was hospitalized yesterday afternoon.

The little soldier also saluted Li Qian and said. The sister-in-law responded.

Li Qian , who was back home, packed up her things and set about preparing her own plan, and decided to officially start her plan to support her family after a while. At this time, Li Qian had completely forgotten that there was another named Luo Jiangang. Her husband is still lying in the hospital.

Li Qian, who was about to eat dinner, suddenly remembered something when she saw the fish and bones she bought at noon, so she boiled a carp soup and a bone soup in a pot. Li Qian turned off the fire before going to bed.

Early the next morning, Li Qian heated the soup, cooked lean meat porridge, and took the food to the head of Li’s house.

It was the sister-in-law of the Li family who opened the door. Seeing Li Qian carrying the lunch box in her hand, the sister-in-law of the Li family asked Li Qian why she had come so early.

Li Qian lifted the lunchbox in her hand and said, “I want to go to the hospital to see Jiangang, and I want to ask the head of the ward if he knows which ward Jiangang is in.” The

sister-in-law of the Li family turned around and called when she heard that she was asking about her husband. Head Li is here.

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