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Chapter 4 Commander Luo! Luo Jiangang!

Li Qian, who came out of Head Li’s house, went straight to the hospital.

In the hospital, a man with one foot dangling was lying on the snow-white bed. The man’s features are firm, his eyebrows are thick and dense, his thin lips are tight, his eyes are a bit dull, as if he is reminiscing about something.

The second captain Wang Gengtao came back from the army yesterday morning and said that he had told his wife the news of his injury. But his wife did not show up all day.

He was a little angry and uneasy when he first heard about it.

What he meant was that he didn’t want Li Qian to know that he had returned to the team because of an injury. And he himself felt that it was too embarrassing to come back like this.

Those who returned from the army with Luo Jiangang were all wounded soldiers. Luo Jiangang thought he and his wife Li Qian had no feelings either. In line with the idea of being responsible for both sides, Luo Jiangang still didn’t want to be injured. But there is still a little hope that his wife will come to visit him, probably because they are husband and wife, and both sides need to be responsible to each other.

In fact, Luo Jiangang knew in his heart that it was very unlikely that Li Qian would come to see him in the hospital. After all, the relationship between the two of them was not harmonious. And the wife doesn’t seem to like his husband. Now his leg is broken, and may not be able to stand up in the future, Li Qian and their marriage may break up. Luo Jiangang also made plans for divorce.

His wife is still complete, and he doesn’t want to drag Li Qian down because of this. Li Qian is still so young and can have a better life.

After thinking about it, he suddenly heard someone knock on the door, and he looked up, very surprised.

The one who came in was Li Qian, his wife. Li Qian is wearing a white shirt, a long black sweater over her jacket, a pair of navy blue trousers on her lower body, a pair of black leather shoes on her feet, and a ponytail on her head. She looks neat and capable.

Li Qian, who opened the door, was a little cramped, afraid that Luo Jiangang was not in the wrong place. After seeing the right place, I felt relieved.

Li Qian was also stunned when she looked up at the person who was stunned.

“I heard that you were injured and hospitalized, so I will come to see you.” Li Qian lowered her eyes and walked into the ward. This is a single room with Luo Jiangang alone. Li Qian put the lunch box in her hand on the table and touched it. When she found it was still hot, she opened it and said, “I made fish soup and bone soup for you, and I also fried some side dishes and porridge. I don’t know. How about the food in the hospital, I brought it here. You can taste my craft.”

Luo Jian, who heard Li Qian’s voice, suddenly regained consciousness just now and said okay to Li Qian. Luo Jian was just thinking that Li Qian might not come to see him. Li Qian came, still a little bit happy in his heart, but he didn’t show any signs on his face.

Li Qian saw Luo Jiangang hanging one leg, so she helped him up slowly. Luo Jiangang was a little embarrassed, after all, his current appearance is really not very good-looking.

Li Qian found a table, put the vegetable rice on it, filled the porridge, put it in front of him, and said, “

Eat it.” Luo Jiangang smelled the scent of the food between his nose and felt that the taste should be good. It used to be Luo Jiangang. Cook for Li Qian, who has never cooked before. Looking at the table full of dishes, but they are all vegetarian, I frowned, a little displeased. “How come it’s all soup and water, and all vegetables?”

Li Qian said when he heard his displeasure, “You just got hurt, and I don’t know where you hurt, so I made bone soup,” Li Qian originally After tidying up the house, put down the broom in his hand, sat on the chair in front of Luo Jiangang’s bed, and continued, “Here is another fish soup with fish in it. I cut it into slices. You pick some to eat.” Pointing to his leg, “You are currently in bed, not suitable for eating too meaty food, and digestion is not good. Moreover, there is shredded meat in the porridge, I specially added it, I am afraid you will not

be used to eating white porridge.” Luo Jiangang used chopsticks. I picked up the sporadic shreds of pork in the porridge bowl, and quietly pouted. The hospital food was really not delicious. I ate a little rice porridge in the morning and I was not full. Now it’s almost time for lunch, so I started to eat. . Li Qian thought, it’s not the hand that hurts her sex, otherwise she wouldn’t feed him, the two are not familiar with each other, and it’s too embarrassing.

Seeing that Luo Jiangang was eating, Li Qian picked up the broom again and began to clean up the house. It’s okay to mess around in this room. Fruits are everywhere, and they should be given away when someone comes to see the doctor. There are also a few snacks on the table, and even milk powder. Milk powder is a precious thing at this time, who is so generous to send such a precious thing.

Li Qian was about to clean up, and Luo Jiangang was also full and drunk. Looking at Li Qian’s back, Luo Jiangang was a little lost. His wife seemed a little different from before, but he was pretty sure that this was his wife who was six years younger than him. Her brows, eyes, and figure remained unchanged, but her temperament It’s different. It seems to be calmer than before, and his personality is gentler than before.

Luo Jiangang is a scout, and there are some things that he has never forgotten. He has discovered the changes in his wife through the time of this meal. I don’t know if this is good or bad, or if she has come up with another moth.

Li Qian’s heart is rather chaotic, she is very nervous, she doesn’t know what to say to Luo Jiangang, she is very worried. Memory Luo Jiangang did not send anyone to notify him of this injury, nor did he have experience in caring for patients.

I don’t know if Luo Jiangang will feel unhappy about his arrival, and he doesn’t want to be called back by Luo Jiangang, because Li Qian wants to take care of him, even if Luo Jiangang cannot be fully recovered, at least he will wait until Luo Jiangang is discharged from the hospital and then go back together.

At this moment, a pretty-looking girl in a nurse’s uniform walked in with a lunch box in her hand. She smiled and opened the door and shouted, “Captain Luo, I’m coming to see you!”

Seeing the side Li Qian was shocked first, then pouted, not paying attention. I saw the freshly finished food on the table next to Luo Jiangang. I just treated it as invisible. I put the lunch box in my hand on the table and opened the lunch box. He said to Luo Jiangang, “Leader Luo Ying, this is me. The ribs I asked my aunt to make are delicious. If Sister Weier knows that I have not taken good care of you, she must blame me.”

Li Qian stood in her original position and looked at the girl with her arms in her arms. She had a slightly thicker mouth, okay, she never stopped when she walked in. She had a slightly plump face and a small nose. , Looks very cute. But looking at the slightly raised Danfeng eyes, they were filled with flattery, and the eyeballs went round several times, which indicated that her heart was not as calm as her appearance.

“Captain Luo, what do you think?” The girl’s name is Li Qin, a nurse in the military hospital. Today, she was on duty during the day and rushed to deliver food at noon. Seeing himself come in and talk for a long time, Luo Jiangang didn’t reply, but looked at the other woman in the room, feeling displeased. He spoke louder again.

Luo Jiangang originally watched Li Qin come in, and had a headache. The girl was stunned. She came here every day and said something about her sister Weier, but he didn’t even know that sister Weier. I don’t know why, Luo Jiangang wanted to look at Li Qian’s expression, and found that Li Qian was holding arms with her arms up, and she looked as if she was laughing, but it also seemed to be ridiculing, and there was something unknown. He heard Li Qin’s voice increase. Yelled, frowned, and said, “Nurse Li, my wife brought me the meal. I have eaten it. You can take it back.”

Li Qin felt a little uncomfortable when he heard Luo Jiangang’s words. When Li Qian came, seeing that Li Qian was only beautiful and not brilliant, he said, “This is my heart, Captain Luo.”

“Thank you, Nurse Li, for caring. I’m a little tired. You can go back.” Lie down.

Seeing this scene, Li Qian raised her eyebrows, stepped forward and helped Luo Jiangang to lie down, “Thank you Nurse Li for your previous concern, my wife will not bother outsiders to take care of it.” Li Qian straightened up and said to Li Qin with a smile .

Seeing Luo Jiangang’s attitude, Li Qin was not reconciled, but couldn’t say anything, so she had to say, “Then Battalion Commander Luo, rest. Sister Weier will come over today. When she comes, I will bring her to see you.” Picking up herself The thing turned around and gave Li Qian a disdainful look before going out.

Li Qian thought it was funny. The girl was only seventeen or eighteen years old, not much younger than her current age. Will the sister Weier whom she said before leaving is Li Wei? That army commander’s daughter, Luo Jiangang’s wife in his previous life.

When Li Qian said the three words “my lover”, there was a ripple in my heart, which was a little weird.

When Li Qin was sent away, there was no turmoil in the hearts of the husband and wife, and they didn’t take it seriously. Li Qian saw that Luo Jiangang was about to take a rest, so he packed his lunchboxes, and saw that there was not much food left, and there was a lot of porridge, so she decided to eat it herself.

After dinner, Li Qian, who was doing the dishes outside, saw Li Qin also come to do the dishes, smiled at her, and Li Qin snorted coldly. Li Qian felt a little inexplicable. Without thinking about it, he went back to the ward.

Finding that Luo Jiangang was not asleep, Li Qian stayed with Luo Jiangang and wanted to talk to him, so she said, “Are you seriously injured this time? Did the doctor say when you can recover?”

Luo Jiangang turned his head and said to Li Qian, “No Serious.”

“That’s good. When did the doctor say you can leave the hospital?” After

a while, Luo Jiangang said, “I didn’t say.”

“Luo Jiangang, are you a gunshot wound? Did you hit a bone?”

“Yes Gunshot wound, no bones, but passed the calf.” Luo Jiangang thought that Li Qian would think that she could not stand up, and continued, “The doctor said that after raising her, she won’t be unable to stand up in the future.”

Li Qian heard it was her calf. After a pairing, I was very surprised, and said, “My God, then I will be here with you in the future. You must not go to the ground. What if you are forced to retire or be professional?” Li Qian stood up Come, spinning around in the ward, feeling anxious. “You have to take care of it, for at least one month, but not for three months. You can’t get out of bed, you can’t touch water, you can’t touch the wound.”

Listening to Li Qian’s words, Luo Jiangang was taken aback, and said, “It’s not that serious.”

“How could it be possible .” Not that serious?” Now that medicine is so underdeveloped, this kind of gunshot wound is the most difficult to heal. “If the root of the disease is left, what do you want me to do? Captain Luo!” Li Qian twisted when he listened to him so indifferently. Over his head, his eyes were sharp, staring at Luo Jiangang.

Luo Jiangang trembled all over, feeling a guilty conscience. Li Qian had never spoken to herself in such a strong tone and called herself Battalion Luo. He clenched his hand into a fist, placed it beside his mouth, and coughed lightly, “Okay. Then you stay.”

Li Qian let go. In fact, Li Qian just wanted to comfort Luo Jiangang in a soft voice, then Remind him of the consequences of not raising his body, but what he said sounded like a grudge, as if Luo Jiangang was about to abandon himself.

Listening to Li Qian’s words, Luo Jiangang felt the atmosphere was a little ambiguous. The two had never stayed for so long like this one time. When they said so many words, they felt a little embarrassed. They also felt that they were husband and wife. It is normal for them to talk more ambiguously and be intimate.

In the afternoon, Luo Jiangang’s comrade-in-arms came to the hospital to see a doctor. It was Wang Gengtao, the captain of the second team. Seeing that the two of them seemed to have something to say, Li Qian said to the two of them, “Let’s talk first, I’ll get some things, and please ask Captain Wang to take care of Jiangang for me.”

“Sister-in-law, go, I’ll watch here. To commander Luo.” Wang Gengtao said.

“What are you going to get?” Luo Jiangang questioned.

As soon as Li Qian turned around, she turned back and said to Luo Jiangang, “I will go back to get some change of clothes and supplies, and I will stay in the hospital at night.”

“No, you can just go back at night. Sleeping here is uncomfortable.”

“It’s okay, you don’t need to worry about me, you can talk to Captain Wang.” Waved, Li Qian walked out of the ward.

Wang Gengtao looked at the interaction between the two people and felt very happy, and his sister-in-law was very different from the rumors.

During the recent period, Li Qian always saw some surprised eyes. She also knew that she was confused before. Now that she has come back to life again, she encourages herself to live every day and treat everyone around her seriously.

After returning home, Li Qian packed up some clothes that Luo Jiangang and herself had changed, and the fabrics they planned to make clothes. These fabrics have not been cut yet. It’s too early to see. Li Qian simply sat down and drew the clothes in her mind. Li Qian drew a slightly lowered Zhongshan collar, linked by a small V-neck, and painted a modern style. The style of the hidden pockets has slim stripes on the chest and hem. The overall look is relatively simple. The trousers are in the normal style, but the trousers are tightened. It looks very similar to what men wear now, but it’s not the same.

After finishing the painting, Li Qian put away her things, took the cloth, ruler and needlework and other things, as well as the clothes of the two that had been packed before, and went to the hospital.

In the hospital, Luo Jiangang, who had been waiting for half an hour, was eager to see through. He obviously only said to go home to take things, why didn’t he come back?

In the afternoon, Wang Gengtao only sat there for a while before getting up and leaving. He just chatted about the current situation of the army and the opinions of the people above the mission. In Luo Jiangang’s view, it would be good if he could take advantage of this opportunity to increase his position, but I don’t know what people think over there.

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