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Chapter 5 There is nothing you can’t do

After returning to the hospital, Li Qian saw Luo Jiangang lying alone on the hospital bed, and asked, “When did Captain Wang leave?” As he asked, she put her hand on the empty bed next to her.

Seeing Li Qian coming in, Luo Jiangang’s eyes lit up, his expression flashed, and he said, “It’s been about half an hour.”

Li Qian nodded, “That’s right, it’s too early, are you hungry? I’ll go Bring the lunch dishes to the cafeteria to heat up.”


Li Qian went to the cafeteria to find the cook. After saying good things for a long time, the food was successfully heated, and she bought some other stir-fried vegetables and steamed buns and returned to the ward.

Li Qian arranged the food and ate with Luo Jiangang.

After eating, Li Qian saw that it was still early, so he picked up the drawings and rulers that had been drawn, and planned to measure Luo Jiangang’s size so that he could start making clothes.

Seeing what

Li Qian was holding , Luo Jiangang was puzzled, “What do you do with these?” Li Qian took the ruler in her hand, raised her hand, and said, “Make your body and clothes, you stay, I will give you Measure the size.”

“No, I have enough clothes to wear. You can do it yourself.”

“Anyway, I don’t have much to do here. You can wear them when you usually go out.” He didn’t wait for Luo Jiangang to answer. Measure the size from the beginning of.

After measuring the size, Li Qian sat aside and started to record, drew on the cloth, and started to make clothes.

Luo Jianggang looked at Li Qian, who was a little overbearing and somewhat helpless, and said to Li Qian, “Let me see what you painted.”

Li Qian reached out and gave the drawing to Luo Jiangang. Luo Jiangang looked at it for a long time and didn’t see anything famous. It was handed over to Li Qian.

The setting sun sprinkled on Li Qian’s body, coating Li Qian’s body with afterglow, and her long eyelashes were fanned, very agile. That little face was still slightly sallow as before, not translucent, but it looked extraordinarily beautiful today. Those slightly rough but fair hands were holding needles and threads and wandering around the fabric flexibly. I heard that Li Qian had an excellent embroidery job before marrying herself. It seems that the rumors are not bad. For a while, Luo Jiangang was a little silly.

The sky was getting darker and darker. Li Qian raised her head when she knew the sunset was west and the moon was hanging, and she flushed when she saw Luo Jiangang looking at herself intently.

Li Qian coughed lightly and said, “Are you going to wash and go to sleep?”

Luo Jiangang also recovered, a little annoyed that he had watched it for so long. Said, “I’m not easy to move, so I won’t wash it.”

“I’ll wipe it with a towel for you, so it’s more comfortable.” Li Qian sorted her mind and got up and went to the bathroom to fetch water.

Back to the ward, he undressed Luo Jiangang, intending to wipe him.

Luo Jiangang’s figure is very good, it is a standard wheat color, in sharp contrast with Li Qian’s white fingers. Li Qian saw Luo Jiangang’s pectoral muscles, her face flushed slightly.

Ma De, he is in good shape.

Originally, Li Qian didn’t care about it at first, and she didn’t have seen a man’s naked, naked, or naked in her previous life, but she was not as good as Luo Jiangang’s figure, especially the pectoral muscles. Touch it.

When Luo Jiangang saw Li Qian looking straight at her naked upper body, he was a little bit ashamed. He coughed softly and said, “I’ll do it myself.”

Hearing Luo Jiangang’s voice, Li Qian was a little bit shy and resentful, and realized that she was in a bad mood, Li Qian said softly, “No, no, it’s not very convenient for you.” Then she twisted the towel and wiped Luo Jiangang.

After rubbing her upper body, Li Qian put the quilt on Luo Jiangang and said, “Wait for me, I will change the water.”

Luo Jiangang, who was waiting in the ward, was also a little uncomfortable, nodded and let Li Qian go.

Luo Jiangang was also very surprised before. When I was alone with Li Qian at home, it was not that I was naked, and Shan did not pay attention. When they are training in the field, sometimes if it is too hot, they will just take off their shirts and be shirtless.

But it was not as shocking as this time, and I felt as if I had done something wrong.

Luo Jiangang was a careful person. He found that Li Qian was uncomfortable. He also saw Li Qian’s blushing face and knew that Li Qian was shy.

Thinking of this, Luo Jiangang smiled slightly, and his mood today is both good. It seems to be because of his little wife.

Li Qian came in with a water basin, let Luo Jiangang lie down, and wipe Luo Jiangang’s face.

Luo Jiangang reached out again to wipe it himself. Li Qian stopped, and while wiping Luo Jiangang’s face, he saw the thin layer of stubble on Luo Jiangang’s lips and asked, “I’ll shave you, I think it’s long.” Luo Jiangang used to shave basically every day. The beard, never leaves stubble on the face, it is refreshing every day.

“Okay,” Luo Jiangang touched his chin, and more stubble grew. “I’ll shave it myself, you won’t.”

“There is nothing you can’t do.” Li Qian raised her head and said that she could do it.

Luo Jiangang lowered his head and smiled, “Okay.”

Li Qian first rubbed the area of Luo Jiangang’s beard with soap to make a foam to soften the stubble, and then gently shaved the foam with a razor blade.

The two were very close, Li Qian’s slight breath slapped Luo Jiangang’s face, making Luo Jiangang a little uncomfortable, and he wanted to get closer, which was very sultry, feeling that the distance between himself and Li Qian was much closer. Probably because the two have never been so close, Luo Jiangang raised his hand and wanted to touch Li Qian. Raising his hand halfway, Luo Jiangang suddenly lowered his hand when he realized what he was doing, a little embarrassed.

After the beard was shaved, Li Qian cleaned up again, and said to Luo Jiangang with a small mirror, “Look.” His tone was full of pride and joy.

After taking the mirror, Luo Jiangang nodded, “It’s good, I didn’t expect you to have this hand.”

“Li Qian often shaves pigs when she is at home.” In

one sentence, Luo Jiangang’s ambiguity and all Luo Jiangang’s illusions were broken . .

Li Qian went to change the water again, and when she came back to the ward, Li Qian said, “Take off your pants and I’ll wipe your legs.”

“Uh, no need.” Li Qian’s words were a little shocking, ” I’m still on medicine. “

I’ll wipe the one you have no problem with.” It seemed that he felt Luo Jiangang’s abnormality, and said, “We are husband and wife.”

Yes, we are husband and wife. Nothing is impossible, and just rubbing the body.

Luo Jiangang took off his trousers in accordance with the words, leaving only a pair of underwear. Turning his face to the other side, the roots of his ears are a little red.

In fact, Li Qian was also a little uncomfortable. The two had never done this before. They caught a glimpse of Luo Jiangang’s legs, turned around quickly, wiped Luo Jiangang’s legs, and quickly covered him with a quilt.

In the evening, Luo Jiangang lay in bed to recuperate, and Li Qian sat beside the hospital bed. There was no such big table in the ward, so Li Qian spread out all the fabrics on her bed. When all the cloths were cut and stitched together with needles, Luo Jiangang spoke.

“Well, go out for a while.”

“What’s the matter?” Li Qian looked up, wondering.

“You go out for a while, I want to solve that.” Luo Jiangang turned his face away, not looking at Li Qian’s face.

Li Qian seemed to understand something suddenly, stood up, walked to the bathroom, and came out with a urinal. When Luo Jiangang saw this, his face was completely black.

“Don’t move, what if you hurt again?” Li Qian knelt down, put the urinal on the ground, and lifted Luo Jiangang’s quilt. Luo Jiangang only wore a pair of underwear. After wiping his body just now, neither of them thought of getting dressed. Luo Jiangang’s face became darker.

“No, you go out, I can do it myself.” He said he was going to put on shoes.

“No!” Li Qian was horrified, and hurriedly reached out to support Luo Jiangang, “Don’t make trouble, you can solve it in the house. It is my fault. I didn’t notice these details.”

Passed the urinal on the ground to Luo Jiangang and went to Walked outside the door, walked to the door, turned to Luo Jiangang and said, “Call me when you are done, and I will be at the door.”

Luo Jiangang didn’t know why, this time he followed Li Qian’s words and solved the problem in the house. I was a little embarrassed when I asked Li Qian to enter the house.

After finishing packing, Li Qian turned and went back to the side of the bed to put her things away, and said to Luo Jiangang, “It’s getting late, go to bed, and there will be a doctor coming for an examination tomorrow morning.”


“That’s right, you Do you want to put on your pajamas? I brought you pajamas.”


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