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Chapter 6 Embarrassment

The next morning, when Luo Jianggang and two of them had just finished their meal, a doctor came to the ward, asked some questions routinely, and had a checkup, and a nurse came to give Luo Jianggang an infusion.

Li Qian went out to find Luo Jiangang’s attending physician at this time.

At the door of the attending physician’s office, Li Qian raised her hand and knocked on the door. Hearing someone inside said please come in, Li Qian pushed the door and entered Dr. Hao’s office.

“Doctor Hao, what’s the condition of my husband’s legs now?”

Luo Jiangang’s attending doctor was named Hao, and his name was Enxiang. He was about forty years old. He was slightly fatter, wearing a white coat, a round face, and a frameless face. The eyes look very festive and friendly.

“Are you the love of Captain Luo? Please sit down.” As he said, he got up and took a glass of water and put it on the table opposite Li Qian.

“Captain Luo’s injury can be considered a blessing in misfortune. It didn’t hurt the bones. But the bullet penetrated the muscles of Captain Luo’s calf, and it may be difficult to return to the original shape in the future.” Dr. Hao shook his head. Some regrets.

“Do you mean it will affect his future training?” Li Qian was a little anxious.

“Not necessarily. It is best not to have a large-scale exercise in the first three months. It is not possible to participate in training. After rehabilitation, it is very likely to get better.” Hao Enxiang pushed his glasses and said.

Li Qian

felt a little relieved and continued to ask, “How long does he need to stay in the hospital? Can his plaster be removed?” “Luo Ying Commander’s plaster will be checked tomorrow. If there is no problem, the plaster can be removed the day after tomorrow, mainly because of fear. The plaster was only put on the wound. As for the length of hospitalization, it also depends on the recovery of the wound.”

Dr. Hao said something ambiguous and did not have accurate information, but he also indirectly told Li Qian that Luo Jiangang was not very good. Luo Jiangang loves the profession of a soldier very much, and also loves his uniform. It is really reluctant.

Back in the ward, Li Qian got up and down, walked in and asked Luo Jiangang, “What do you want to eat at noon?”

“You can go to the cafeteria to play some. I can eat anything.”


At this moment , someone knocked on the door . Before anyone could answer, a pretty little nurse pushed in.

The person here is Li Qin, the ignorant little nurse yesterday. Seeing that she ignored Li Qian, she walked directly to Luo Jiangang’s bed and said to Luo Jiangang with a smile, “Luo Camp Commander, see who I brought to see you.” When the

words fell, she thought she was graceful and dressed in white. Liang’s shirt, jeans, and a woman with wavy curly hair that are now fashionable walked in.

Seeing this woman, Li Qian was a little surprised. This is Li Wei, the woman of Luo Jiangang’s first life and second marriage.

Luo Jiangang was puzzled. He felt that this woman was familiar, but he didn’t know who it was.

The woman walked to Luo Jiangang’s bed and said to Luo Jiangang, “Hello, Commander Luo, I’m Li Wei from the Art Troupe.”

“Hello, do we know each other?” Luo Jiangang said politely.

“Oh, she was the one who performed in your troupe last time, and the leader of them introduced you both.” Before Li Wei could reply, Li Qin said anxiously.

Luo Jiangang recalled it, as if there was such a thing, he nodded to indicate that he knew it.

Seeing this, Li Qian said to them, “Thank you for

coming to Jiangang. He is not very convenient to entertain you. Just sit down.” “This is my lover. Li Qian.” Luo Jiangang waved his hand at Li Qian and gestured. Li Qian comes here.

It’s not that Li Wei and Li Qin didn’t see Li Qian, they just ignored her deliberately. I heard that the relationship between the two is not good, and now it is Li Qian who is taking care of Luo Jiangang, who came here hastily, otherwise he would not choose Li Qian’s time.

Both were a little embarrassed. Li Wei said to Li Qian, “Miss Li is good.”

This Li Wei said without opening her mouth, and exposed herself with one mouth. When I heard the introduction, I should be called my sister-in-law, and Luo Jiangang also said the three words “my love”. Luo Jiangang also heard something wrong, and he opened his mouth and said, “You two have worked hard, thank you for coming to see me.” Luo Jiangang reached out and held Li Qian’s hand, and Li Qian sat down next to Luo Jiangang, “I am not here. Convenient, and my wife is taking care of me. Nurse Li, you are not responsible for taking care of me, and don’t affect your work because of my relationship.”

Li Qian saw Luo Jiangang holding her hand, a little moved, and raised the corner of her mouth. Then I heard Luo Jiangang’s order to chase away a guest, and there was such a long passage, which made my heart happy.

Li Wei and Li Wei were extremely embarrassed when they heard this, and suddenly raised their heads to look at Luo Jiangang and Li Qian. Seeing the hands held by the two people, feeling a little weak, he raised his mouth and said, “Commander Luo, I heard that you were injured very badly this time, so I will come to see you.”

“Thank you.” Luo Jiangang stopped talking. Up.

Li Qian looked at the hands clasped by the two, feeling extremely satisfied. Seeing the two of them, Li Qin was anxious and couldn’t say anything, so he could only say, “I remember that I still have a job there, so I won’t bother you anymore. I’m leaving. Captain Luo pay attention to his health.”


Li Wei calmed down when he saw this, and smiled at Li Qin, “Go ahead, I’ll look for you after I’m staying at Captain Luo.”

” Okay .” Li Qin left after speaking. Got out.

Hearing Li Wei not leaving, Luo Jiangang frowned. Li Qian patted Luo Jiangang’s hand to signal him to feel relieved.

Li Wei walked to the front of the bed on the other side of Luo Jiangang and found a stool to sit down. Smiling at Luo Jiangang, “Commander Luo, we have known each other for a long time. I am quite worried about you. Last time, our commander said that he would transfer me directly to your group. If I have anything to do, I will come to you. He also said that you are good friends.” He said, covering his mouth and chuckles. “Unexpectedly, I did not wait for you to take care of you, but I will take care of you first.”

Listening to Li Wei’s words, Li Qian felt bad in her heart. Luo Jiangang was an extremely affectionate person, and Li Wei began to play the friendship card.

Hearing this, Luo Jiangang’s frowned brows stretched out, “Your head and I are old friends.”

Luo Jiangang felt that this was quite true, so he didn’t think much about it, so he started talking with him. It’s just that Luo Jiangang doesn’t talk much, it’s basically Li Wei, and Luo Jiangang is listening. Li Qian sat on the side and had nothing to do, so she was about to withdraw her hand from Luo Jiangang.

Feeling a little strange in his hands, Luo Jiangang looked at Li Qian and said, “Miss Li has also changed away in a while. You can help me think about what to eat at noon, and then this liquid should be lost.”

“Okay, you think about it at noon.” What to eat?” Li Qian smiled.

“You have the final say. Just go to the cafeteria and buy some.” Luo Jiangang smiled.

When Li Wei saw the appearance of their husband and wife, there were some feelings that others couldn’t get in. Although they are just two simple homely words, looking at their atmosphere, they are also very warm. The atmosphere I had created just now was easily broken by Li Qian, which is really hateful. I squeezed my hands on my legs and couldn’t stay any longer, and the jealousy of eyesight couldn’t be restrained. He stood up and said to Luo Jiangang and his wife, “Captain Luo, go ahead and look at me. Once I had a good chat, I would forget the time.”

The gaze in Li Wei’s eyes and the small movements of her hands just now didn’t escape Li Qian, who was standing condescendingly. Li Qian smiled and nodded, and Luo Jiangang said, “Okay, go, Nurse Li is still waiting for you. The troops are quite far away from the hospital, so you don’t want to come over tomorrow.”

Li Wei nodded and walked out the door.

Seeing Li Wei also left, Li Qian finally couldn’t help but laughed. Luo Jiangang was puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

Li Wei shook her head, “Nothing.”

Luo Jiangang turned around and grabbed Li Qian’s hand with both hands, and said to Li Qian earnestly, “We are husband and wife.”

Seeing Luo Jiangang’s focused gaze, Li Qian was determined, feeling that her efforts were not in vain, and this man was not a real piece of wood.

He said to Luo Jiangang plausibly, “Then Miss Li heard that you would not let her come tomorrow, she was sad.”

“Nonsense.” Luo Jiangang let go of Li Qian’s hand and lay down again on the hospital bed.

“Really, she likes you.”

“It’s nonsense. We haven’t seen each other a few times.” Luo Jiangang closed his eyes.

“Believe it or not, I’ll ask the nurse to pull out the infusion set.”

Luo Jiangang gave a faint hum from his nose.

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